BitKeep Launches Arbitrum Futures (ARBK) Airdrop, Supporting 100% Exchange for Prospective Official Arbitrum Token

BitKeep, a multi-chain crypto wallet, has launched a one-month airdrop campaign of Arbitrum Futures token (ARBK). The ARBK token is a credential of the Arbitrum token issued by BitKeep. By completing corresponding tasks and holding the airdropped ARBK tokens, users are 100% guaranteed eligible to claim prospective official Arbitrum tokens proportionally.

To encourage users to explore NFT projects on Arbitrum, BitKeep NFT Market offers zero platform fee and trading rewards for all users. The prize pool consists of 50K USDT, NFT mystery boxes, and airdrops of BKB tokens. This is aimed at optimizing BitKeep user experience and fully supporting the development of the Arbitrum ecosystem. The NFT trading event will last for 2 weeks, while the waiver of the platform fee will last for 6 months.

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