BitKeep NFT Market Trading Volume Soars to 2nd Place on Arbitrum

The latest data shows that the trading volume of BitKeep NFT marketplace reached $28K in a single-day on Arbitrum, soaring to second place right after OpenSea. It is reported that BitKeep launched the Arbitrum Argonaut Eco Month in March, introducing a series of incentives including trading NFTs at zero fees and subsidies for listing NFTs, aiming to pool liquidity into the Arbitrum NFT market.

BitKeep NFT market supports 7 mainstream public chains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon and Arbitrum, providing users with one-stop services such as NFTs trading, bulk listing, featured collections and data analysis. BitKeep constantly adds new features according to market trends and user needs, including decentralized domain name trading, FreeMint, popular project INO Mint and NFT avatars, aiming to create a diversified NFT marketplace. The platform has soared to first place on BNB Chain and the numbers of active wallet users and transaction volume have skyrocketed.


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