BitKeep NFT Marketplace to Support Optimism in March

Multi-chain wallet BitKeep announced that its NFT marketplace will support Optimism in March and is currently in final testing before going live. BitKeep claims that it is committed to becoming one of Optimism’s top NFT marketplaces and will continue to enhance its contribution to the Optimism ecosystem. Previously, BitKeep NFT marketplace supported 7 mainstream public chains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon and Arbitrum, and once made the No.1 NFT trading marketplace on BNB Chain and the top 2 on Polygon.

BitKeep NFT marketplace provides users with one-stop services such as NFT trading, batch listing, popular collections, data analysis, etc. New features are constantly added according to market and user needs, including decentralized domain name trading, FreeMint, INO for popular project Mint, NFT avatar to create a diverse NFT marketplace.

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