BitKeep to Upgrade Cross-chain Swap, Supporting 15 Public Chains and 250K Tokens

BitKeep wallet has upgraded cross-chain swap function, supporting 15 public chains including Arbitrum and more than 250,000 tokens, providing users with better cross-chain swap service between any token pair. It has become a cross-chain bridge with the widest cross-chain support and the most token pairs. Simultaneously, users won’t have to worry about mainnet tokens when doing cross-chain swap with the “Instant Gas” service.

According to BitKeep, recent data of Arbitrum ecosystem interaction in wallets is witnessing remarkable growth and BitKeep has struck partnerships with many top protocols on Arbitrum like GMX. Through this cross-chain Swap upgrade, transaction speed for ecosystem users will be greatly enhanced while unnecessary time costs and commission fees will be cut. Users will be exposed to more investment and trading opportunities.

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