BitKeep Wallet and Mantle Network Collaborate in a $10,000 MNT Reward Campaign

BitKeep Wallet and Mantle Network joined forces to launch an exciting ecosystem incentive campaign for all Web3 users. Participants can take part in the campaign by either filling out a form with their BitKeep Mantle address or completing specific tasks on the Galxe or QuestN platforms. Doing so will allow users to stand a chance to win a share of $10,000 worth of MNT.

Earlier, BitKeep Wallet announced that its latest version has seamlessly integrated with the Mantle mainnet. This integration empowers users to effectively manage their assets on the Mantle chain, enabling operations like storage, transfers, and trading, all within the BitKeep platform. Furthermore, BitKeep also has exciting plans to integrate more DApps based on the Mantle Network in the future. This collaboration aims to grow and expand the Mantle ecosystem while providing users with a rich and seamless multi-chain experience.