Coinbase Ventures Portfolio: over 300 Projects, Bias Towards Infrastructure

Coinbase Ventures has been expediting its investment footprint since 2021, with over 70 investments in the first quarter of this year alone.

Author:Peng SUN、aididiaojp.eth、Karen,Foresight News

Editor & Translator: Poerain

Founded in 2018, Coinbase Ventures is the venture capital fund of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, dedicated to advancing the progress of encryption and Web3 industries, executing extensive investments in budding projects of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and improving global economic freedom .

Coinbase Ventures is founded by the former LinkedIn VP Emilie Choi, after she joined Coinbase as VP of Business and COO in 2018. The corporate development team she helped set up realizes the urgency during a bear market to charge up, invest in promising projects and establish close relationships , thereby conducing to the flourishing of the encryption ecosystem. Within no more than 5 years, Coinbase Ventures portfolio has incorporated approximately 400 programs, spanning over 40 countries around the world.

By its own definition, Coinbase Ventures divides its portfolio into five categories: Protocols & Web3 Infrastructure (27%), DeFi (22%), CeFi (19%), Platform & Developer Tools (16%), and NFT/Metaverse / Gaming (16%), basically covering all aspects concerning the encryption ecology. It is worth noting that the bull market effect of the encryption market in 2021 has boosted the expedition of Coinbase Ventures’ investment footprint. Their total number of investments in the past year draws close to 150, with the frequency of 1 new investment every 2.5 days on average. During the single year of 2022, Coinbase Ventures has achieved about 150 investments, with more than 70 investments in the first quarter alone.

Despite its broad coverage, the portfolio sheds light on Coinbase Ventures’ macro considerations for the future of the entire encryption ecosystem. Above all, the investment in Web3 infrastructure and protocols accounts for the largest proportion, which demonstrates Coinbase Ventures’ fundamental understanding and attitude towards the encryption ecology. Coinbase Ventures’ secondly highlighted concern is with the market and growth. It invests lavishly in DeFi, NFT markets, lending, liquidity, and asset management; developer tools invested are more inclined to projects that ameliorate developer experience to usher Web2 developers more smoothly into Web3. In addition, Coinbase Ventures also lays considerable emphasis on CeFi, which boasts the potential to generate explosive increment.



Bitnomial is a Bitcoin derivatives exchange.

Bitso is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Mexico.

CoinDCX is an Indian cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2018.

CoinSwitch is an Indian cryptocurrency exchange with 18 million users and more than 500 employees. In addition to Coinbase investment, it is also supported by leading investment institutions such as a16z, Tiger Global and Sequoia Capital.

FalconX is an end-to-end institutional digital asset trading platform.

Floating Point Group is a platform for trading, managing and settling cryptocurrency assets in a faster and more secure way.

InvestaX is an investment and trading platform for Digital Securities and Security Tokens of global private markets deals including venture capital, private equity, real estate, digital SPACs and more.

Lemon is a Latin America end-to-end encryption ecosystem with exchanges as its core product.

Mara is an African crypto trading platform that aims to help young people adapt to emerging technologies, promote a fairer distribution of capital and build a digital financial system for sub-Saharan Africa by providing solutions that span tribes, classes, cultures.

Pintu is an Indonesian cryptocurrency exchange.

Rain is a Middle Eastern cryptocurrency exchange that has hosted over $1.9 billion worth of transactions and amassed over 185,000 active users since its inception.

Reku is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Indonesia for professional traders.

Valr is a cryptocurrency exchange in South Africa.

Yellow Card is a pan-African cryptocurrency exchange.

Asset Management & Finance & AMM

Alto is a self-directed IRA asset manager that invests in private equity, venture capital, real estate, cryptocurrency, and other alternative assets.

Amber Group is a global encrypted financial intelligence service provider, established in 2017, headquartered in Hong Kong, founders from top Wall Street investment banks such as Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Bloomberg.

Bitwise is a cryptocurrency asset manager behind a cryptocurrency index fund.

Block Earner is a blockchain powered fintech on a mission to provide a user-friendly interface for everyday Australians to access the benefits of decentralised finance.

Casa is a Bitcoin self-custody company that helps crypto investors manage their private keys.

Flint is a crypto investment solution with passive crypto investment gateway designed to provide passive high-yielding returns to Indian millennial crypto users.

Flowdesk is a crypto financial services company offering market maker, digital asset management, brokerage and custody services.

Custodia Bank is a Wyoming-chartered crypto bank designed to provide a full suite of banking and financial services to corporate clients seeking enhanced regulatory clarity and minimized transaction risk.

ForUsAll is a 401 (k) provider of cryptocurrency investment opportunities, founded in 2012, offering automated 401 (k) management, alternative low-cost mutual funds, and human advisory services.

ForUsAll has partnered with Coinbase since July 2021, allowing employees in its managed plans to invest 5% of their 401(k) plans in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

Hashdex is a cryptocurrency Management Company in Latin America, aiming to connect the world of digital assets with traditional markets and unleash blockchain potential for mainstream investors.

Hyperithm is a private digital asset manager based in Tokyo and Seoul, dedicated to institutional investors and high net-worth individuals.

One River Asset Management is an institutional digital asset management company headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, US, investing in crypto assets such as Bitcoin.

Meow is a New York-based crypto finance company that provides compliance-first solutions for institutional and corporate investors participating in cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

Multis is a Web3 asset management tool.

Parcl is a Solana-based real estate digital investment platform that allows users to access the real estate market with no minimum investment, instant liquidity, and low transaction fees.

Qredo is a DeFi infrastructure and digital asset management platform that provides custody, trading, wallet and payment services for cryptocurrency.

Wintermute is a leading global algorithmic market maker in digital assets, which creates liquid and efficient markets on centralized and decentralized trading platforms and off-exchange.

Ridian is a one-stop cryptocurrency investment platform based in Mexico.

Seashell is a DeFi investment application startup that abstracts stablecoins into high-yielding savings.

Tetra Trust is a Canada’s company licensed to custody digital assets.

Valkyrie Investments is a leading financial services firm at the intersection of traditional finance and the emerging digital asset sector.


AirTM is a global P2P payment network platform based in Latin America, a digital dollar account with over 400 different ways to buy and sell digital dollars.

Eco is a simple balance that lets users spend, send, save and make money.

Ippopay is an India-based payment solutions provider for SMEs, freelancers and home operators.

Tribal is a fintech payments company and financial infrastructure for startups in Latin America.

Wave is a mobile money provider in Africa.


CLST is a cryptocurrency lending platform that aims to provide digital asset collateral management capabilities for institutions including hedge funds, trading firms, asset managers and banks, involving price negotiation and settlement in automated unsecured lending and short-term lending markets.

Credora is a credit oracle that uses confidential computing, cryptography, and zero-knowledge proofs to provide users with private credit assessments in a safe and efficient market, and supports provable private computing of risk information from CeFi and DeFi’s permissioned data sources. In general, Credora is a more traditional business model based on service agencies, providing credit scores for private credit oracles through data analysis.

Dharma is a programmable, boundary-free lending blockchain platform.

Hidden Road is a global credit network for institutions, offering technology-driven prime brokerage, clearing and financing across traditional and digital assets.

Tesseract is a Finnish-based institutional digital asset lending company focused on crypto lending that takes deposits from institutional rather than retail customers.

Tax & Balance of Account

CoinTracker is a cryptocurrency and NFT tax reporting platform. In January of this year, CoinTracker completed a $100 million investment led by Accel, with a valuation of $1.3 billion. Participating parties included Initialized Capital, General Catalyst, Y Combinator Accuity, and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s venture capital firm Seven Seven Six, etc.

CryptoTaxCalculator is an Australia-based crypto tax service provider founded in 2018.

Interchange is a provider of accounting, reconciliation and reporting services for cryptocurrency hedge funds, asset and fund managers. In 2019, Interchange was acquired by cryptocurrency exchange Kraken.

TaxBit is a cryptocurrency tax automation company that provides cryptocurrency tax software for businesses and consumers.


Onramp Invest is an iPaaS (integration platform as a service) technology company providing access to cryptoassets for registered investment advisors.

Merge is a Fintech infrastructure that merges today’s compliance, banking and payments into web3.

Talos is an institutional digital asset trading technology company that aims to provide technical infrastructure for buy-side institutions and service providers.


Tuned is an automated crypto trading platform that specializes in monetization strategies for individual investors.


Trade, AMM & Liquidity

AlgoFi is a DeFi hub built on Algorand featuring decentralized exchange, lending market and stablecoin.

Charm is an on-chain options protocol that provides a simple automatic liquidity manager for Uniswap V3 that handles issues of selecting a liquidity range, rebalancing, and minimizing impermanence losses.

CoFiX is an automatic market making trading protocol driven by decentralized price oracles on the chain, which optimizes the situation that the first generation of AMM will be continuously arbitraged (impermanence loss), hoping to provide traders with optimal spreads.

DODO Exchange is a decentralized trading platform that uses the innovative Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm to provide efficient on-chain liquidity for Web3 assets, making it easy for everyone to issue and trade these assets.

Foxchain is an open source cross-chain DEX that now supports Ethereum and Avalanche C-Chain.

Hashflow is a decentralized exchange designed for interoperability, zero slippage, and MEV-protected trades.

Lemma is a new type of decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol that allows traders to execute spot swaps using underlying perpetual futures exchange’s liquidity.

Orca is a decentralized protocol that facilitates trades on Solana.

Portal is a self-custodial Layer 2 wallet and cross-chain DEX built on Bitcoin that utilizes anonymous, zero-knowledge exchanges to enable transactions.

Raydium is an automated market maker (AMM) built on the Solana blockchain which leverages a central limit order book to enable lightning-fast trades, shared liquidity and new features for earning yield.

Rift Finance is a DAO liquidity provider that wants to help DAOs deploy governance tokens to deepen token liquidity, creating attractive and safer returns for liquidity providers without having to give up ownership.

Router Protocol is a cross-chain liquidity aggregator that supports networks such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon, BNB Chain, Optimism, and Kava.

Slingshot is a decentralized exchange aggregator.

Tokenmak is a novel protocol designed to generate deep, sustainable liquidity for DeFi and future tokenized applications that will arise throughout the growth and evolution of web3.

Uniswap is an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange and DEX. Currently, Uniswap supports Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Celo networks.

Variational Research is a global algorithmic market maker focused on digital assets which specializes in designing quantitative systematic strategies to provide liquidity across both traditional and decentralized derivatives.

Voltz is a DeFi interest rate swap AMM protocol that not only allows users to switch between variable and floating interest rates, but also leverages interest rates. Voltz uses centralized liquidity virtual AMMs (vAMMs) for price discovery, with management of the underlying assets performed by a margin engine.

Lending & Derivative

Aurigami is a decentralised, non-custodial liquidity protocol. The protocol enables users to effortlessly lend, borrow, and earn interest with their digital assets. Depositors provide liquidity to the protocol to earn a passive income, while borrowers are able to borrow in an over-collateralised fashion.

Block.Green is a Bitcoin mining liquidity DeFi protocol that was originally built on Bitcoin Core and is planned to move to other chains later. Block. Green allows Bitcoin miners to make loans with hash power as collateral, and Bitcoin holders can lend out assets and receive income from the bitcoins produced by these miners.

Cega is a decentralized exotic derivatives protocol which builds exotic options structured products for retail investors that generate superior yield and offer built-in protection against market downturns. Cega is developing new capabilities in tech, token contracts, and data modeling that will enable the next evolution of defi derivatives.

Centrifuge is a decentralized lending protocol based on real-world assets in Polka ecology.

Compound III is an EVM compatible protocol that enables supplying of crypto assets as collateral in order to borrow the base asset. Accounts can also earn interest by supplying the base asset to the protocol. The initial deployment of Compound III is on Ethereum and the base asset is USDC.

Contango is a unique decentralized market offering forwards without order books or liquidity pools. When a trader opens a position, the protocol borrows on the fixed-rate market, swaps on the spot market, then lends back on the fixed-rate market.

DerivaDEX is a decentralized derivatives trading protocol that combines performance and user asset autonomy.

Euler is a non-custodial protocol on Ethereum that allows users to lend and borrow crypto assets.

Folks Finance is a non-custodial DeFi protocol providing financial tools for digital assets.

Goldfinch is a decentralized credit protocol that allows for crypto borrowing without crypto collateral—with loans instead fully collateralized off-chain.

HXRO Network is a decentralized derivatives primitive for risk-based applications built on the Solana blockchain.

Ledn is a Canadian encrypted lending platform that only supports BTC and USDC, and generates a rate of return on customer assets by lending to qualified institutions. At the same time, the platform completes Proof-of-Reserves every six months.

Mirror is a synthetic asset protocol based on the Terra blockchain. It has previously covered a variety of synthetic assets such as US stocks (Alibaba, Tesla, Robinhood, etc.), encrypted assets (BTC, ETH), commodities (crude oil), and traded in synthetic US stocks.

Moonwell is an open lending & borrowing DeFi protocol built on Moonbeam and Moonriver.

Morpho is a peer-to-peer layer built on top of lending pools such as Compound and Aave. Morpho works as a lending pool optimizer; it improves the capital efficiency of positions on lending pools by seamlessly matching lenders and borrowers peer-to-peer.

NAOS Finance is a decentralized lending protocol for real businesses accessing DeFi liquidity. Expanding the use cases for crypto lending, and providing a more efficient source of funding for businesses worldwide

Notional is a decentralized fixed-rate lending protocol based on Ethereum, which supports DeFi, CeFi, institutional traders, and individual users to loan encrypted assets at a fixed rate and a fixed term.

Opyn is a decentralized options platform based on Ethereum, users can earn income through option trading or providing liquidity. Opyn allows users to buy, sell and create options on ERC20. It is an option agreement without custody and an insurance agreement without permission.

Panoptic is a perpetual, oracle-free options protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. The Panoptic protocol consists of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain that handle the minting, trading, and market-making of perpetual put and call options. All smart contracts are available 24/7 and users can interact with the Panoptic protocol without the need for intermediaries like banks, brokerage firms, clearinghouses, market makers, or centralized exchanges.

Parallel Finance is a Polkadot ecological DeFi lending agreement, including six functions of pledge, crowd lending, cross-chain bridge, wallet, DEX, and income pool.

ParaSpace is a decentralized lending protocol launched by Polkadot’s ecological DeFi platform Parallel Finance, allowing users to borrow and lend ERC-721 and ERC-20 assets.

Perennial is a cash-settled derivatives protocol. It allows developers to launch any synthetic market with just a few lines of code.

Ribbon Finance is a suite of DeFi protocols that help users access crypto structured products. By combining derivatives, lending and a proprietary on-chain options exchange (Aevo), Ribbon aims to be the one-stop solution for users who want to improve a portfolio’s risk-return profile.

Satori is a derivatives platform of the Polkadot ecosystem, which combines the derivatives market of AMM and order book models.

Solend is an algorithmic, decentralized protocol for lending and borrowing on Solana.

Synquote is a decentralized options trading platform deployed on Polygon intending to support the buying and selling of options on over 500 typically illiquid instruments on layer2 Polygon, Avalanche, and BNB Chain.

Synthetix is a new financial primitive enabling the creation of synthetic assets, offering unique derivatives and exposure to real-world assets on the blockchain.

Umee is a Cosmos ecological cross-chain DeFi lending platform. It is developed based on Cosmos IBC for pledge, rate and interoperable solutions on Cosmos and Ethereum, aiming to become the DeFi center of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Vega is a Layer2 solution for trading derivatives in a decentralized manner, allowing users to anonymously launch derivatives markets, including futures, exchanges, and options, while complying with relevant regulations and removing financial intermediaries.

Vauld is a Singapore-based crypto lending platform. In July of this year, due to incidents such as Luna, Celsius and Three Arrows Capital, Vauld fell into a debt crisis and suspended user withdrawals, transactions and deposits.


Fei is a stablecoin pegged to $1 USD. It powers many of the Tribe DAO’s services as its liquidity engine.

Reserve is a stablecoin protocol that allows users to mint stablecoins backed by a range of tokenized assets, aiming to provide easily accessible tokens that can replace fiat currencies.

Auction & Insurance

Bounce is a decentralized auction platform, incorporating liquidity mining, decentralized governance and staking mechanisms.

Nayms is an insurtech startup based in London, UK, aiming to build a world-leading, fully regulated on-chain insurance marketplace.

Neptune Mutual is a blockchain cover protocol that safeguards the Ethereum community from cyber threats to contemporary financial products.

Risk Harbor is an algorithmic, transparent, and impartial protocol that removes the need for trusted intermediaries.

Revenue, Stake & Asset Management

Affine is a cross-chain DeFi portfolio management platform.

Alluvial is the software development company supporting the development of the Liquid Collective protocol. Alluvial is focused on the overall growth and maturity of the ecosystem by bringing in more institutional participants to participate in proof of stake blockchains.

Alongside is a crypto asset index fund for passive, long-term investments.

Blox Staking is a decentralized Ethereum staking protocol.

ClayStack is a next-generation crypto staking platform and liquid staking protocol that allows users to stake their tokens and participate in the DeFi ecosystem at the same time, achieving both PoS staking revenue and DeFi staking revenue.

DeBank is a DeFi portfolio tracking application through which users can track and manage their interaction with DeFi applications, view address balances, asset distribution, authorization, reward to be claimed, lending positions and so on.

Entropy is a decentralized asset custody protocol.

Francium is a decentralized yield strategy aggregator built on Solana, offering automated strategies including leveraged farming, hedge farming, DeFi combination strategies and smart trading strategies.

Instadapp platform is a full feature platform for both users and developers to leverage the full potential of DeFi. Instadapp protocol (‘DSL’) acts as the middleware that aggregates multiple DeFi protocols into one upgradable smart contract layer.

Katana a yield generation protocol for Solana that provides APY collateral for various digital assets.

Keep Network is a decentralized Bitcoin solution on Ethereum, tBTCv2 will allow users to connect Bitcoin to Ethereum in a secure and trustless manner to participate in DeFi.

MoHash is a DeFi protocol which provides investors access to sustainable scalable stable high yields backed by real world debt assets. The protocol issues a fungible ERC-20 token (MoH Token) that reflects a claim on a diversified pool of debt instruments which are risk managed and financially regulated in order to protect the investors’ interests.

Ondo Finance is an open, permissionless, decentralized investment bank. Ondo’s core business is to service and connect various stakeholders in the emerging DeFi ecosystem – including DAOs and increasingly institutional and mainstream retail investors – through fully on-chain services.

Percent is a private credit investment platform that provides investors with private credit investments while providing a wealth of performance and borrower data to help investors track their investments.

RealtyBits is a Web3 infrastructure provider for publishing, owning and managing real assets on an immutable ledger.

Saffron is a peer to peer risk adjustment protocol. Users customize their risk and return profiles by selecting their own degree of exposure to underlying platforms.

Gnosis Safe is an Ethereum-based digital asset management platform.

Securitize is an alternative digital asset investment platform for asset publishers and investors.

Set Protocol is a web3 asset management platform that provides financial infrastructure tooling to everyone. is a non-custodial fund marketplace protocol built on Solana that allows third-party managers to launch non-custodial, decentralized asset pools and be connected directly to users on the Solana blockchain.

Stader is a multi-chain liquidity staking platform that is creating a modular smart contract infrastructure. Compared with other node operators, the main advantage of Stader is that it can automatically compound interest and receive airdrops. Currently, Stader already supports Polygon, NEAR, Fantom, BNB Chain, Hedera and Terra 2.0, and plans to add support for Ethereum.

Staked is a non-custodial staking platform that operates block production nodes for decentralized PoS protocols on behalf of institutional investors. Its multi-tier signing and listening node architecture delivers stakeholders the combination of security, scalability and decentralization.

Vertalo is an industry-leading solution for digital asset lifecycle management founded in 2017.

Zapper is a DeFi asset management protocol.


Axelar is a universal interoperable protocol that connects the L1 blockchain over a decentralized network.

Connext is a cross-chain bridge and interoperability protocol for general messaging.

Chainflip is a native cross-chain DEX that enables automatic cross-chain exchange between different blockchains through the Automatic Market Maker (AMM) model without verifying user identity.

Cashmere Finance is an omnichain interoperability MEV Resistant DEX Aggregator & Stableswap. Cashmere has a single-token provision, which eliminates the risk of temporary loss for liquidity providers while also reducing slippage for traders.

Composable Finance is a cross-chain, cross-layer and comprehensive DeFi infrastructure powered by Ethereum Layer2 and Polkadot, designed to solve the pain points in current DeFi interoperability and enable a seamless interoperable future.

Hop Protocol is a fast and trustless bridge to send tokens across Rollups and its shared Layer 1 network.

LayerZero is a trust-free cross-chain communication protocol that utilizes the technical principle of light nodes to separate the confidence links of the intermediate chain, so as to exchange lower fees for higher security.

LI.FI is a cross-chain bridge and DEX Aggregation that allows users to convert any asset on any chain to any asset on another chain within their supported chains and assets.

Nomad is a cross-chain interoperability protocol.

Polymer Labs is an IBC-based multi-cluster network protocol (Polymer) designed to provide e2e IBC connectivity across ecosystems.

Socket is a cross-chain protocol that supports asset exchange between Arbitrum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Fantom, Optimism, Polygon, Gnosis Chain and Aurora, integrating Hop, Polygon Bridge, Hyphen, Arbitrum Bridge, Celer and other bridge solutions.


0x API is a professional grade liquidity aggregator enabling the future of DeFi applications.

Acala is a decentralized finance network powering the aUSD ecosystem. It’s a layer-1 smart contract platform that’s scalable, Ethereum-compatible, and optimized for DeFi.

Alta Labs is a DeFi project based on the Aptos blockchain, which is not yet live.

Flux Protocol is the trustless data layer for web3. Flux is a cross-chain oracle that provides smart contracts with access to economically secure data feeds on anything.

Gauntlet is a financial modelling platform that uses battle-tested techniques from the algorithmic trading industry to inform on-chain protocol management.

Paxos is a regulated blockchain infrastructure platform, building a new, open financial system.

RedStone Finance is a DeFi oracle that stores non-standard data on Arweave and delivers it to all EVM-compatible chains.

SupraOracles is a decentralized cross-chain SupraOracles solution.

Uma is a decentralized optimistic oracle and dispute arbitration system that allows any type of data to be put on the chain. Oracles provide data for projects such as cross-chain bridges, insurance protocols, custom derivatives and prediction markets, and can also be used to create other types of products and protocols.

Umoja Labs is a new blockchain-based DeFi bank building payment infrastructure for Africa to enhance people’s access to digital finance.


Alliance DAO is a Web3 accelerator and founder community.

bloXroute is a provider of Blockchain Distribution Network or BDN for DeFi traders on Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain.

Cozy is an open-source protocol for automated and trust-minimized Protection Markets. Protection Markets allow you to provide and receive protection against predefined conditions like a loss of funds due to a smart contract hack. Anybody can create and use Protection Markets.

Endaoment is a nonprofit community foundation & public charity built on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing anyone to donate their digital assets to any qualified 501(c)(3) U.S. nonprofit organization.

Harpie is a completely non-custodial on-chain firewall provider, designed to protect Ethereum wallet users by allowing them to build a “trusted network” of applications and users they want to send tokens to. Any transactions outside this network will be identified as theft and blocked.

Immuna is a risk management platform for institutional investors that monitors on-chain vulnerability and irregular trading events in real time, protecting investors from vulnerability exploitation and adverse economic conditions.

Jambo is a new super app focused on bringing Web3 to the African market and providing a complete Web3 product to the people of Africa.

StableHouse is a regulated platform for stablecoin payments and foreign exchange transactions, a global digital currency settlement venue that enables cross-chain payments in real time.

NFT, Metaverse & Game

NFT Social

Cymbal is a social platform that showcases NFT on Ethereum and Solana and aims to bring more community and social features around NFT ownership.

Gallery is a NFT social display platform where users can display their NFT on the Gallery to socialize with NFT players with similar collections.

Nifty’s is a social platform for NFT, bringing together great creators, favorites and fans in one platform where community members can create, collect, exhibit NFT works.

Markets, Liquidity & Loan

Backed is an NFT loan protocol that allows users to use NFT as collateral to earn interest on loans backed by NFT.

Bitski is an NFT marketplace, aiming to become “NFT Shopify”.

Bridgesplit is a NFT liquidity and yield platform based on Solana that aims to solve the problems of low liquidity and inefficient capital allocation by providing a scalable infrastructure layer that connects NFT and DeFi. It focuses on NFT indices and fragmentation, and its features include fragmentation, floor indices, curated indices, exchanges, liquidity pools, farms, group bidding, and NFT analytics.

Eternal is a video and game NFT marketplace based on Flow. Eternal partners with creators and electronic sports players to turn their videos from LIVE and games into a moment where fans can collect or trade.

Fractal is a Solana eco-game NFT marketplace that aims to create a more secure marketplace for NFT games, as well as provide promotion and distribution services. Fractal’s game NFT Launchpad adopts a strict review system and provides NFT-Fi related services with game characteristics, such as lending, pledge, fragmentation, etc.

Magic Eden is a leading NFT marketplace in the Solana ecosystem and currently supports diverse services such as NFT trading platform, NFT Launchpad platform, Whitelist management and gaming empower.

MakersPlace is a marketplace and community to discover, buy, and sell authentic NFTs from the world’s leading digital creators.

Mint Songs is a Polygon blockchain-based music NFT marketplace that now supports the Ethereum network. It aims to help creators mint music for free, album posters NFT and build a Web3 fan community. After artists mint music for free NFT, they can sell NFT in the platform’s marketplace, get 95% of the first sale, 10% of the second resale, and all music NFT stored on IPFS.

Mintbase is a NEAR-based NFT casting and sales platform, NFT categories mainly including tickets, music, art and so on.

NiftyApes is a system of smart contracts that enables NFT owners to access instant liquidity using the NFTs they own as collateral.

OpenSea is the first and largest marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens and Semi-Fungible Tokens, providing a developer platform consisting of an API, SDK, and developer tutorials.

Pawnfi is a NFT and non-standard asset (NSA) decentralized liquidity protocol, which aims to provide a fair appraisal and liquid lending and leasing market for non-standard assets. In addition to supporting mainstream assets, Pawnfi can cover non-standard assets such as NFT, LP Token, tokenized financial products, and less liquid homogeneous tokens.

Rarible is a comprehensive NFT trading platform built on Ethereum, and its core task is to become an interface for users to enter the NFT world, help users easily buy and sell NFT, and protect users’ digital asset ownership.

Sound is a music NFT marketplace on Ethereum. The previously launched Sound Protocol provides a permissionless bottom layer, artists can freely deploy their own smart contracts (with a 5% main sales fee), which are owned by the artists and cannot be upgraded. The data will be uploaded to Arweave in a decentralized form for permanent storage and the Mint format can also be customized for each song.

Sturdy Exchange is an NFT marketplace based on Flow blockchain that provides music token collectors with a music NFT curated experience. Sturdy Exchange features a fully customizable royalty structure for every transaction and allows users to pay via Fiat currency and simple bank transfers.

Zora is an NFT art and marketplace platform. In January this year, Zora launched V3, adding features such as “Buy Now” function, instant royalty payment and commission mechanism. Since then, the platform has released ZORA API for developers to easily create their own NFT marketplaces, applications and platforms. It also launched the Creator Toolkit Whitelist. Users select the corresponding wallet address, and some community members can make early Mints from their personal collections.


Ancient8 is the largest blockchain guild in Vietnam, enabling users to build and play in Metaverse through scholarship, education, community, institutional-grade research, and blockchain software products. Ancient8 is building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and infrastructure layer for GameFi with a focus on community and software platforms.

Animoca Brands is a venture capital and software gaming company heavily invested in NFT and metauniverses, including early investments in crypto unicorns such as Sky Mavis, OpenSea, Decentraland and Sandbox, boosting the NFT industry.

Avalon is a game studio that builds an oasis.

Azra Games is a P2E blockchain gaming company that expects to provide high-quality, unique collectible and combat games on the blockchain.

Bling Financial is a financial technology platform that creates mobile end crypto game applications, providing users with BTC, ETH and other Cryptocurrency rewards.

Branch is a Web3 gaming startup that completed a $12.5 million Financing in May. It has launched Castaways, an island sandbox survival game inspired by Animal Crossing and Minecraft, featuring the concept of Free to Play.

Clockwork Labs is a studio focused on blockchain games and the developer of the chain game BitCraft, completed a $22 million A round of financing led by a16z in June this year.

Dapper Labs is a NFT developer and maker behind CryptoKitties, NBA Top Shot, Flow public chain, with a mission to introduce consumers to the value of blockchain technology through fun games and make the world more open and trustworthy.

Horizon Blockchain Games is a Web3 game development startup that aims to bring the symbiotic economy and power of Web3 and Ethereum to players, consumers, and developers through its products. On October 4, the company completed a $40 million Series A financing round involving large traditional video game companies such as Ubisoft and Take-Two Interactive.

Joyride Games is a Web3 game development platform for game creators, providing game developers with some of the tools they need to build, publish and scale blockchain games on iOS, Android and Unity. Game creators can bring NFT and tokens to mobile electronic sports, casual and social gaming through Joyride. Joyride provides an integrated channel for it and also allows game assets to be converted into castable NFT sold to players, which can be sold through Joyride and other partner marketplaces.

Limit Break is a Web3 game start-up company co-founded by world-renowned game designers Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa. Limit Break, the parent company of NFT project DigiDaigaku, first proposed a new Free-To-Own narrative.

SkateX is the first free-to-play MMO game published by new developer Studio Tackle.

Summoners Arena is a play-to-earn RPG game on BNB Chain, with an entire economy and community called Summonia, where users can acquire assets and interact through NFT.

Third Time Games is a start-up game development studio and a pioneer in virtual horse racing games. Currently, Third Time has developed two blockchain games: Photo Finish ™ LIVE and The Suites.


Altered State Machine is a metaverse platform for training and creating AI agents, enabling people to have an artificial intelligence and Machine Learning model that defines what it learns over time. The owner pairs NFT intelligence (brain) with NFT artwork (form) to create its ideal agent. ASM’s first proof of concept is AIFA, a soccer game that uses a combination of Unity, IPFS, and a sample Training Gym.

Anima is a protocol for seamless, dynamic augmented reality, bringing virtual worlds to life by collaborating with artists and innovative creators.

Arkive is a decentralized museum. In July of this year, Arkive started operating in the form of DAO, enabling people to access art and collections that are completely inaccessible to ordinary people in the traditional art collection field under the premise of ensuring democracy. DAO admits a limited number of members per week and members can earn corresponding token incentives by contributing to the organization. The items included in its collection are related to the topics voted on by members.

Everyrealm is a project developer that aims to shape the metaverse by investing, managing and developing assets, including NFT, virtual real estate, metaverse platforms, games and infrastructure.

Genies is an avatar technology company and NFT startup that provides tools for creating NFT characters, costumes and more, and runs an NFT marketplace. In March, former Disney chairperson and CEO Robert Iger invested in NFT startup Genies and joined its board.

Jadu is a Web3 augmented reality gaming startup that is developing an AR mobile app that connects to a player’s Ethereum wallet, allowing users to turn their 3D animated NFT into playable avatars. The app has completed beta testing and can integrate profile photos from NFT series such as Deadfellaz, Cyber Kongz and FLUFs, as well as some profile photos from The Sandbox video game.

Yuga Labs is the development company behind BAYC. It also owns two major NFT projects, MAYC and BAKC, and holds the IP of CryptoPunks and Meetbits. The team’s meta-universe project, Other Side, aims to build a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that integrates multiple NFT products, including BAYC, to create an “interoperable world” of “Gamification” and “complete decentralization”. Meanwhile, as a community member of ApeCoin DAO, Yuga Labs launched APE as its ecological token.


bitsCrunch is an NFT analytics and security services company that provides NFT tracking and analysis services and is able to use artificial intelligence identification tools to provide users with security services in the NFT ecosystem.

Collective is a platform for tracking, analyzing and engaging NFT communities.

Curio is an NFT analysis and browsing tool that helps users browse and track NFT data such as scarcity, floor price, average selling price, quantity, etc. Users can also drill into a series and get full information, and even filter by feature.

Gomu is an NFT infrastructure company with customizable NFT community management features, trading marketplace NFT Hub, and liquidity incentive agreement two products.

Highlight is an NFT platform focused on community building tools, providing coinage tools for creators without a coding or crypto background. On Highlight, creators can earn rewards and access to collectibles communities by selling NFT.

MIRA is an industry standard for fingerprinting works of art, collectibles and luxury goods, re-identifying precious works across time and space, protecting the art world from counterfeiting and fraud.

Pinata is an NFT media management platform.

Venly is a Belgium-based blockchain technology provider, formerly known as Arkane Network, providing solutions for digital wallets, NFT marketplaces, NFT tools, and more. The company’s application programming interface (API) platform has provided breakthrough innovations to well-known companies in the blockchain gaming space, including The Sandbox, Aavegotchi, Bondly, Shopify, and other industry leaders.


Royal is a music tokenization platform, through which artists can sell the ownership of songs to fans in the form of NFT. Different copyright weights NFT different rights and values. Royal aims to break the model of traditional centralized platform control by tokenizing song royalties to realize economic sharing between fans and creators.

ScienceMagic. Inc is a Web3 consulting firm that advises brands, talent and their communities on creating digital assets and the Web3 economy.

Yoz is a NFT platform designed to integrate GTM into existing Web2 interfaces.

Web3 Infrastructure


O (1) Labs is a global and remote company that incubated the Mina Protocol. The team operates on the cutting edge of Web3 and zero-knowledge-proofs.

Aleo is a decentralized open source platform that supports private and programmable applications.

Anoma is an intent-centric, privacy-preserving protocol for decentralized counterparty discovery, solving, and multi-chain atomic settlement.

Aptos is a Layer1 public chain built by members of the original development team of Meta (formerly Facebook), using Diem’s programming language Move and Diem-BFT consensus technology.

Astar Network is a multi-chain smart contract platform that supports multiple blockchains and virtual machines.

Celestia is a modular consensus and data network, built to enable anyone to easily deploy their own blockchain with minimal overhead.

Celo is a Layer1 public chain featuring a payment network.

Deso is a new layer-1 blockchain built from the ground up to decentralize social media, and scale storage-heavy applications to billions of users.

Evmos is a scalable and interoperable Ethereum blockchain, built on Proof-of-Stake with fast-finality.

Mysten Labs is a Web3 infrastructure startup founded by four former Meta engineers. It is the development team of the public chain project Sui Network. In September, Mysten Labs completed a $300 million Financing, led by FTX Ventures, a16z Crypto, Jump Crypto, Apollo, Binance Labs, Franklin Templeton, Coinbase Ventures, Circle Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners, A & T Capital participated.

Mina is the world’s lightest blockchain, powered by participants. Using zero knowledge technology, Mina is building the privacy and security layer for web3.

Moonbeam Network is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform designed to help developers easily build natively interoperable applications.

NEAR is a PoS blockchain that uses sharding Technology Implementation for scalability, and implements cross-chain interoperability based on Rainbow Bridge and Layer2 solution Aurora.

Polygon is a decentralised Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees without ever sacrificing on security.

Persistence is a Tendermint based specialized Layer-1 powering an ecosystem of DeFi applications focused on unlocking the liquidity of staked assets.

Sei is a sector-specific Layer 1 blockchain, specialized in trading to give exchanges an unfair advantage.

Spacemesh is an open source programmable Cryptocurrency platform powered by a novel PoST consensus protocol that aims to create a decentralized blockchain smart contract computer and a cryptocurrency.

Subspace Network is an open, scalable storage and compute platform that is fully interoperable with any Layer1.

Scaling & Layer 2

Arbitrum is a Layer2 scaling solution, currently launching the EVM-compatible Optimistic Rollup “Arbitrum One” mainnet (which will be migrated to Arbitrum Nitro) and the new chain Arbitrum Nova based on AnyTrust technology.

Aztec is a privacy and scaling solution based on ZK Rollup.

ImmutableX is a Layer2 solution focused on gaming.

Milkomeda is a Layer 2 Rollup protocol that provides EVM functionality for non-EVM blockchains.

Optimism is an Ethereum Layer2 scaling solution using Optimism Rollup.

StarkWare is a STARK-based scaling solution with two main products: StarkEx, a scaling engine built on the Ethereum mainnet, and ZK-Rollup StarkNet.

zkSync is a scaling scheme based on ZK Rollups that aims to expand the technology and value of Ethereum without reducing security and decentralization, and accelerate the mass adoption of Cryptocurrency.


Alchemy is a complete developer platform providing the infrastructure, products and tools to get started with one line of code.

Biconomy is a toolkit to leverage smart contract wallets & build custom transaction journeys.

Bison Trails is a blockchain infrastructure platform that helps accelerate the use of blockchain technology around the world. After being acquired by Coinbase, Bison Trails has become part of Coinbase Cloud.

ConsenSys is an Ethereum software company which enables developers, enterprises, and people worldwide to build next-generation applications, launch modern financial infrastructure, and access the decentralized web. Its product suite, composed of Infura, Quorum, Truffle, Codefi, MetaMask, and Diligence, serves millions of users, supports billions of blockchain-based queries for our clients, and has handled billions of dollars in digital assets.

Fleek is a Web3 developer platform for deploying and managing smart contracts, with the goal of establishing an interface and protocol layer that enables anyone to access the basic layers of Web3 services such as storage, hosting, and billing, with an initial primary focus on the content delivery marketplace.

Kurtosis is a platform for orchestrating distributed system environments, allowing easy creation and manipulation of stage-appropriate deployments across the early stages of the development cycle (prototyping, testing).

Massive is a cross-platform Software Development Kit that allows application users to choose to pay for advanced features, content, or services with a small amount of idle computing resources.

Moralis is a Web3 development platform that provides developers with the infrastructure to build and publish cross-chain applications, games, and NFT, now supports building and deploying DApps at breakneck speed on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Solana, and Elrond, while all Moralis DApps support cross-chain by default.

Obol is a trust minimized pledge ecosystem that enables people to create, test, run, and coordinate distributed validators.

Shinami is a Sui API and node service for developers, registering for early VIP access. In addition, Shinami provides a high-performance, dynamically scalable infrastructure that can be used to build unique DApps instead of just running nodes, and reduces the time and cost required to build DApps.

Simplehash is a multi NFT API project that allows Web3 developers to query all NFT data from a single API, index multiple blockchains, handle edge cases, provide fast media CDN, and can be integrated in a few lines of code.

Thirdweb Thirdweb is a Web3 developer platform and development framework that provides pre-built smart contracts and SDK to help developers create various products, as well as a dashboard for development teams to track and manage on-chain contracts.

Tenderly is an Ethereum development platform that focuses on developer needs and provides services such as monitoring, testing and launching smart contracts on Ethereum.

Textile built a unique technology called Threads that acts as a private, encrypted personal database on top of IPFS. The Filecoin toolkit on Textile lets application developers store data on Filecoin and gives them API to plug into the platforms they’ve built.


Demox Labs is a privacy-focused lab that aims to build a privacy-protected ZK infrastructure on the programmable privacy network Aleo, and has launched Leo Wallet, the top privacy-protected wallet on the Aleo blockchain.

Dfns is a cryptographic keyless wallet designed to secure digital assets by sharding the private keys of the wallet and decentralizing these fragments across a peer-to-peer network.

Liquality is an open source multi-chain walle.

Linen is a DeFi and Web3 self-custody multisig wallet.

Momentum Safe is the first multi-sig, non-custodial digital assets management solution built on Move, providing secure wallet services for decentralized financial system.

OneKey is a hardware wallet company. In September, OneKey announced that it had completed a round of financing of about $20 million.

Pine Street Labs is a crypto infrastructure company focused on enterprise crypto wallets that support any blockchain. Currently, Pine Street Labs offers a non-custodial crypto wallet API “walletOS” for automating workflows, building transactions and deploying wallets for any blockchain, allowing enterprises to use crypto assets across 12 different blockchains.

WalletConnect is a Web3 communication infrastructure that facilitates secure connections between wallets and DApps.

Web3Auth is a distributed managed EOA wallet that adopts sharding private keys for secret-free authentication and supports mainstream social account login.


CertiK is a blockchain and smart contract security provider, including security audits, penetration testing, and decentralized insurance platforms.

Certora is a smart contract security analysis tool that utilizes formal verification and runtime verification to enhance smart contract security.

Chaos Labs is a blockchain security agency that aims to secure the blockchain and protocols through powerful proxies and scenario-based simulations.

Curv is a Full Stack digital asset security technology provider for institutions, providing institutions with the protection, instant availability, and full autonomy of digital assets through MPC (multi-party secure computing). On March 8 last year, Paypal announced Acquisition Curv.

Macro is a smart contract audit company dedicated to protecting and educating leading Web3 projects.

Eventus is a multi-asset class trading monitoring and risk monitoring tool provider.

Metrika is a blockchain monitoring and analytics platform built for the community to improve network reliability and performance by providing an end-to-end visibility and actionable view of the blockchain network health.

OpenZeppelin/Forta is a blockchain security company that incubates the smart contract security real-time monitoring project Forta, which scans all transactions through independent node operators for unusual transactions and threats to smart contracts. When problems are detected, node operators notify subscribers of potential risks, which enables them to take automated defensive measures.

Sardine is a digital fraud prevention solution and crypto settlement platform, providing fintech and crypto companies with instant and risk-free ACH (automatic clearing system) settlement, enabling them to improve the operation efficiency of funds and reduce the risk of capital delay and payment fraud. As a bridge connecting crypto assets and real-money assets, Sardine can empower traditional enterprises to enter the crypto industry.

Data Analysis & Index

Amberdata is a digital asset data provider that provides financial institutions with data and insights on blockchain networks, crypto markets, and DeFi to promote institutional adoption of digital assets.

Blocknative is a real-time Web3 infrastructure that provides a data browser for “mempool” (memory pool), including address tracking, internal transaction tracking, information on unsuccessful transactions, information on replaced transactions, etc. Among them, the Gas fee detector views the gas fee of transactions in the memory pool from the perspective of blockchain to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the data provided.

Coin Metrics is an on-chain and off-chain crypto market data analysis tool that provides market visualization tools, data feedback, indices, price reference rates and indicators.

Covalent is a blockchain data query and indexing platform that provides a unified API allowing developers to reuse queries across multiple blockchains. Currently, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Ronin, Fantom, Moonbeam, Klayth, HECO, SHIDEN and mainstream Layer2 networks are supported.

Dune Analytics is a community-based blockchain Data Analysis platform. Dune was the first to open independent queries to users. It has the largest group of analysts and user communities. Analysts who master the ability to write PostgreSQL can freely use on-chain data to write custom queries, analysis and visualization. At this stage, Dune has supported data queries for Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Solana, Optimism and Gnosis Chain.

Etherscan is a free Ethereum blockchain browser and analytics tool for reviewing and analyzing all the data stored on Ethereum. It allows users to search and check historical information by address, transaction hash, block height, token name and more, providing additional resources such as ETH unit converter, tag word cloud, verification contract tool and more.

Flipside Crypto is a community-supported DeFi and blockchain Data Analysis project that, like Dune Analytics, enables users to query complex data with simple SQL statements through visual tools and automatically generated API interfaces, as well as copy and edit SQL queries already generated by others.

Hyperspace is a data analysis website based on Solana blockchain, which aims to build an NFT transaction aggregator to help users buy NFTs on Solana and make all transaction price information available in one place.

Messari uses open source tools to build a blockchain database, which stores data information including funding, development history, management structure, and supply plans of various blockchain projects, hoping to help investors, regulators and the public understand Cryptocurrency, a revolutionary new asset class, and build data tools to promote informed decision-making and investment.

Nansen is a blockchain Data Analysis and research platform. Among the many data sections, the two most popular data panels are Token God Mode and Wallet Profiler. In addition, there are multi-chain data sections, DeFi heaven and DAO analysis, which present diverse encrypted data.

Nomics is a Cryptocurrency Data Analysis platform that provides professional-grade market data API to institutional crypto investors and exchanges.

Nxyz is a multi-chain indexing product suite that exposes real-time blockchain data through low-latency API. Currently, Nxyz has supported more than 4000 DApps and provided them with various link ports with different modes and routing systems.

Spindl is an on-chain tracking monitoring tool that pairs this data with on-chain behavior such as buying, selling, and trading by analyzing Discord posts, Reddit forums, ads, and other Internet links to create profiles that help Web3 products understand the source of traffic.

The Graph is an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS where anyone can build and publish open API called subgraphs, making data easily accessible.

Community Management & Governance

Bonfire is a Web3 community management tool that is currently building the infrastructure to enable creators to build their own branded platforms powered by social tokens and NFT, Release online community ownership.

Samudai is a DAO management platform that is scheduled for public beta by the end of 2022, with the development of a complete productivity suite for DAO, including a Web3 native project management framework, team graphs and analytics dashboards, as well as building a Web3 professional roster.

Utpia Labs is an operating system that provides DAO with collaborative payroll and expense management.

Backdrop is a Web3 project that aims to connect the tokenization community.

Commonwealth is an integrated on-chain community management platform for discussing, voting and funding projects.

Otterspace aims to help DAO grow from a hundred members to a million by giving Web2 users a clear, straightforward and familiar DAO join and contribute experience.

Snapshot is an off-chain multi-governance client, no fees, it is characterized by easy verification and difficult to dispute results, supports a variety of voting methods, and can meet the needs of various organizations.

Identity & DID

Disco is a tool for managing Web3 identity and credentials.

Galxe is a Web3 credential data network, through the credential data building a Web3-based decentralized identity system.

Incode is an Identity Verification (IDV) and Authentication platform powered by Biometrics and Computer Vision.

Namebase is the developer of domain name Handshake. Handshake top-level domains are distributed through on-chain Vickery auctions, the highest bid determines the winner of the auction, and the highest bidder only pays the second highest bid.

Spruce is a digital identity system with a suite of products that support authentication, credentials and storage for users’ portable reputation, providing decentralized access control to data and interoperability between Web2 API and Web3.

Unstoppable Domains is a NFT Domain Name provider dedicated to creating digital identities for everyone on the planet that are entirely owned by the user.

zCloak is a zero-knowledge privacy DID project.


Arweave is an information technology company focused on data storage, blockchain and serverless web.

Ceramic Network is a decentralized data network for building Web3 applications with composable data.

KYVE is a Web3 Data solution.


Brydge is a multi-blockchain payment protocol.

Data Mynt is a global Cryptocurrency payment processing gateway that enables users to use secure, compliant crypto assets as their currency payment and financial operations infrastructure.

Diagonal Finance is a Web3 subscription payment application.

Elph is designed to build tools for developers to accept Cryptocurrency payments in their applications and to provide consumers with tools to store, manage and trade their Cryptocurrency.

MobileCoin is a private payment protocol focused on providing a secure and private Cryptocurrency wallet service for mobile applications.

PIP is a web 3 layer of the internet. PIP leverages the existing social platforms that already have connected billions of people around the world. PIP connects scalable crypto-protocols like Solana with social platforms like Twitter and Facebook so that billions of people can seamlessly transact value without a single party’s permission or a high intermediary fee.

Zebec is a Solana ecological stream payment protocol.

Rain Card is a spend management tool for decenttralzied wallets.


Brave is a privacy-based open source total page browser, started by Mozilla Project co-founder and JavaScript founder.

Coherent is a core infrastructure that provides Web3 data, allowing developers to build applications using their data through API, and in the future Coherent will focus on on-chain transaction history, NFT data and vouchers.

Diem is a Meta (Facebook) stablecoin project, originally Libra, which aims to build a trustworthy and innovative financial network that empowers people and businesses around the world. In January, the Diem Association confirmed it would sell its intellectual property and other assets related to the operation of the Diem payment network to crypto infrastructure firm Silvergate Capital.

Espresso is a Web3 privacy system that allows asset creators to define customizable privacy policies to determine who can see what information about asset holders and transactions under certain circumstances.

Metawork is an always-on system for recording every aspect of code execution, featuring high speed, low cost, and data saved on a personal end point. Metawork is designed to help everyone get any record from any environment, so they can understand the code and how it works faster.

Nova is a platform focused on legal and compliance workflows designed to help organizations eliminate paperwork, streamline compliance checks, allow cross-industry providers to collaborate, and help teams improve Operational Efficiency.

Questbook is a crypto donation platform that connects project owners and developers, allowing projects to provide grants to developers and invest in an efficient and transparent manner. In addition, Questbook is committed to helping companies create small funds globally and broadening the way developers find jobs.

Syndicate is a platform for the creation of investment-based DAO, which aims to create a new investment economic model and reduce the threshold and cost of creating investment-based DAO, which supports tokens, NFT and other on-chain portfolios and various assets outside the blockchain field, as well as DAO legal entities, DAO legal documents, bank accounts and other legal infrastructure.

Radicle is a decentralized code collaboration protocol and sovereign code infrastructure that enables developers to collaborate on software through peer-to-peer cyber security built on Git.

Sunscreen is a privacy startup that aims to make it easy for engineers to build applications based on full Homomorphic Encryption.

Thresholds is an API that provides DeFi asset management for Web3 companies, which aims to help users remove the intermediate procedures of exchanges and custodial providers, open legal currency accounts, create multi-signature wallets, and enjoy DeFi pledge and income, and realize seamless trading and exchange between legal currency and Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency faster.

Tokensoft is a fair-launch platform for web3 projects & communities.

Worldcoin is a privacy-preserving protocol based on proof of personality, founded by Sam Altman, former president of top Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator, trying to solve the witch attack problem by collecting users’ irises with a device called Orb, thus creating a new global digital currency.

Web3 Social & Messaging & Creator Economy

Audius is a content creator-led music sharing and streaming media protocol.

Coinfeeds is a Web3 Aggregation platform that provides Web3 related tweets, podcasts and other news.

Farcaster is a decentralized social protocol.

Friends With Benefits is a social DAO focused on creators and culture, which brings together a group of people on the Internet with the same hobbies, topics, goals to make music, develop projects, conceive digital art, learn Crypto and more.

Livepeer is a decentralized video transcoding network built on Ethereum.

Nfty Chat is a Web3 communication platform that aims to build a “Web3 version of Discord”, including direct messaging, community creation and community discovery. Users can chat directly with friends or create private/token-weighted communities. In NftyChat, personal identity is tied to the wallet and can be used for free without an account password.

Unlock Protocol is a Web3 social protocol that enables creators to monetize their content in a fully decentralized way with just a few lines of code.

Rally is a social token publishing platform that helps creators create social tokens for their communities to trade, transfer, and motivate community members. Creators can set unique rights for social token holders. Creators and fans are more connected through social tokens.

RSS3 is an open protocol designed for content and social networking in the Web 3.0 era.

Taki is an ecological social network based on Solana.

XMTP is a Web3 messaging protocol.


Blockrize, which previously focused on building credit cards with bitcoin or ethereum rewards, was acquired by cryptocurrency exchange Gemini in January 2021.

Braintrust is a user-owned global talent platform with incentives to redistribute value to talent and organizations.

Crusoe Energy is a Bitcoin clean energy mining company that aims to provide fast, low-cost natural gas combustion solutions.

Coinmine mining machines support mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS, can be automatically updated, and support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash and other mining.

Cryptohunt is a crypto and Web3 knowledge learning platform that provides ranking, detailed explanation and review of all crypto projects.

Daffy is a non-profit community whose members pledge to set aside funds for those less fortunate than themselves.

On Deck is a Community Talent Accelerator, Highly Orchestrate Connections and Introductions On Deck for Co-Founders, Resources and Capital.

Titan is a software and service provider used to promote Bitcoin mining.

Sealance is a Cryptocurrency compliance platform that aims to use zero-knowledge proof technology to authenticate and ensure that transactions and other behaviors comply with legal or regulatory requirements under the premise of protecting privacy.

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