Defi Kingdom Duel — Season 3 Begins

Defi Kingdoms, a blockchain game, has announced the highly anticipated Season 3 of DFK Duel on Crystalvale & Serendale has launched, and it promises to be better than ever with quality of life improvements.

Season 3 Dates

The season began on February 22, 2023, at launch and will end on April 19, 2023, at 11:59:59 pm EDT, which is a total of 8 weeks.

New in Season 3


The matchmaking algorithms have been refined to ensure that players face a variety of opponents at the same difficulty level. A major bug has been caught and fixed, which resulted in not always facing the best opponent, and additional changes have been made to remove stale entries from the matchmaking pool.

Locked Token Fee Deferrals

Just like other in-game Power Token transactions, players can now defer the fees for Duel entries by using either Locked CRYSTAL or Locked JADE. Using locked tokens has a 4x cost to unlocked tokens, and 75% of those tokens are burned.

Use Last Team

Players can now pull up their last team from any Duel type with the click of a button! At the top of the Duel entry window, simply click “Use Last Team,” and your Hero selections will auto-populate.

Multiple Duel Entries

Players can now submit multiple Duel entries at once with the same team. When choosing an entry fee, adjust the “Total Duel Entries” selection to between 1 and 10 entries, and your fees will all adjust accordingly.

Disable Animations

A new selector allows players to disable the Duel animation when the Duel first takes place. This selection will persist, but does not impact Duel replays.

Duel Leaderboards

Duel Leaderboards are now directly available in the game, allowing players to check out the Leaderboard for each mode to see how they compare with others and fight it out for the top spots.

Gen0 Raffles

The Raffle Masters in both Serendale and Crystalvale have managed to rustle up a handful of unopened Gen0 Hero Crystals for the season. These Raffles will last for four weeks, with two Gen0s in each realm for the season, and four Gen0s total raffled off. The Crystals from CV will contain a Berserker or Seer Gen0, while Serendale Crystals will bring forth a new Legionnaire or Scholar. Note that these Gen0s will take the place of any that would be raffled off at the end of the season.

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