Embracing the Opside Journey: Unveiling the Pre-alpha Testnet and its Incentives

It is with great pleasure that we herald the forthcoming initiation of incentives for the Opside pre-alpha testnet, scheduled to occur in a mere two weeks. This momentous step propels us towards the much-anticipated launch of the Opside mainnet. As a pioneering ZK-RaaS network with the unique feature of ZKP Mining, we wholeheartedly invite all of our cherished community members to actively engage in this thrilling chapter of our journey.

The pre-alpha testnet marks a significant advancement in the development of Opside, particularly in its introduction of a hybrid PoS & PoW consensus mechanism. Both validators and miners are invited to participate in the pre-alpha testnet, contributing their efforts and earning loyalty points in return. These loyalty points will be redeemable as mainnet tokens following the mainnet’s launch.

Moreover, Opside Layer 3 equips developers with the capability to create their own ZK-Rollup through the official rollup launchpad. Developers can also freely deploy dApps on their ZK-Rollup, transforming innovative concepts into reality in just a matter of minutes!

Contributing to Opside Pre-Alpha Testnet!

1. General Users

After the launch of Opside’s Pre-alpha Testnet, general users will be able to experience various functionalities, such as cross-chain transactions, transfers, and dApp interactions. Completing specific tasks will also earn users loyalty points! Please note, during the initial phase of the Opside Pre-alpha Testnet, only a limited number of dApps will be available for user testing. However, as the testing progresses, an increasing number of dApps will be deployed and go live on the testnet. We will also unveil more hidden tasks for users to take on, so stay tuned!

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2. PoS Validator
Opside calls on all node validators to participate in maintaining the security and stability of the Opside network, emphasizing the critical role each participant plays in the network’s overall health. As a decentralized system, Opside relies on its validators’ collective effort to ensure the network remains robust against potential threats, and that transactions carried out on the platform are both secure and efficient.

We launched the Validator pre-application activity on May 2nd, and so far, we have received over 6,000 applications from users in more than 50 different countries. The Validator pre-application activity is still ongoing. Applicants who pass the review will be able to claim testnet tokens on the Discord channel and set up nodes as soon as the Pre-alpha testnet goes live.

For more details, please refer to:
Opside PoS Validator Pre-application Activity
PoS Documentation

3. PoW Miners

Opside invites all miners to join the Opside ecosystem, providing computing power to generate ZKP (Zero-Knowledge Proof) for transactions on ZK-Rollup. This underscores the importance of a collective effort in advancing the performance and security of the Opside network, particularly in the area of scalable, efficient, and privacy-preserving transactions.

During the Pre-alpha testnet phase, Opside will first implement testing using CPU Mining, and then roll out GPU Mining in the next alpha testnet phase. It should be noted that PoW CPU Mining will only start public testing about two weeks after the launch of the Pre-alpha testnet. Specifics will be based on official announcements.

We launched the PoW Miner pre-application activity on May 9th, and the event is still ongoing. We warmly welcome all miners and mining pools to join Opside, contribute their computing power, and earn corresponding loyalty points in return.

For more details, please refer to:
PoW Miner Pre-application Activity
PoW Documentation

4. Developers

Opside cordially invites developers globally to establish their unique ZK-Rollup on the Opside Layer3 platform swiftly and seamlessly. As an EVM-compatible network, Opside offers the advantage of rapid deployment and cost-free migration for all decentralized applications developed in Solidity.
In recognition of exceptional dApp developers or teams, Opside is committed to providing incentives in the form of future mainnet token rewards. These will be awarded following a thorough internal review and approval process, demonstrating Opside’s dedication to encouraging and rewarding innovation and excellence within its network.

For more details, please refer to:
Developer Documentation
Official Opside Developer Grants

Loyalty Points

The Pre-alpha Testnet marks Opside’s inaugural public demonstration of its comprehensive three-layer network architecture, an event encompassing a broad spectrum of tests across all roles within the ecosystem.
Every participant in the Pre-alpha Testnet, irrespective of their specific role in the ecosystem, will be recognized for their contributions to the testnet with rewards in the form of loyalty points. Participants can conveniently track their real-time standings via the Leaderboard, offering a friendly competition as they share and compare rankings with their peers.
Furthermore, every loyalty point earned during this phase carries future value – these points will be eligible for conversion into Mainnet Tokens following the successful rollout of the Opside Mainnet.

The Journey begins

As we embark on this pivotal stage of our journey, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated community. Your unwavering support, tireless contributions, and enthusiastic participation are the lifeblood that propels the Opside network forward. The initiation of the Opside pre-alpha testnet is not only a triumph for our team but also a testament to the power of our collective efforts.

In the face of the exciting opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering a vibrant, collaborative ecosystem where every stakeholder can thrive. Together, we are pioneering the future of ZK-RaaS networks and ushering in a new era of scalable, efficient, and privacy-preserving transactions.

We sincerely invite you to join us on this thrilling journey, play your part in shaping the future of Opside, and share in the rewards of our collective success. As we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible, we eagerly anticipate the remarkable milestones we will achieve together.

Thank you for being part of the Opside story. Let’s make the most of this defining moment and set forth on an unforgettable journey to the Opside Mainnet!

Let’s do this, Opside community!



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