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Foresight Ventures is committed to long-termism, whose investment covers the wide Web3 spectrum of infrastructure, GameFi & Metaverse, Web3 social & creator economy, DeFi, NFT, media, VC, etc.

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Foresight Ventures is an investment institution focusing on blockchain technology and crypto industry. Established in May 2021. Foresight Ventures manages multiple funds: a VC fund, a secondary actively managed fund, a multi-strategy FOF and a secondary fund in the Private Equity market, with a total Asset Under Management of $400 million. Foresight Ventures has set up offices in North America and Singapore, dedicated to providing full-cycle support to entrepreneurs from multiple perspectives of investment, market and product design, and building a global network of developers and marketplaces.

In 2022, despite the large-scale turmoil in the crypto market caused by the collapse of Luna, Three Arrows Capital and FTX, Foresight Ventures has not lost confidence and launched a $10 million Web3 startup fund in December this year to support the Foresight X incubator program. Its co-founder Forest White is convinced that “Bear Market is a period of massive innovation and growth for blockchain projects”.

Overall, Foresight Ventures has completed nearly 60 investments in the past year and a half, covering public chain, DeFi, NFT, GameFi & Metaverse, Web3 social & creator, infrastructure, media, VC, asset management and many other sectors, and incorporating public chain networks such as Solana, Aptos, Sui, NEAR, Flow, Avalanche, etc., with unique investment experience in GameFi & Metaverse and Web3 social & creator economy. In addition, in terms of infrastructure, Foresight Ventures’ investment in Arweave ecosystem storage projects and ZKP-based Middleware Hyper Oracle is remarkable.


Space and Time is a decentralized data warehouse that joins tamperproof on-chain and off-chain data to power a new generation of smart contract use cases.

WalletConnect is a communications protocol for web3, bringing the ecosystem together by enabling wallets and apps to securely connect and interact. WalletConnect is the decentralized Web3 messaging layer and a standard to connect blockchain wallets to dapps. WalletConnect v2 is chain agnostic and built to work with any blockchain of your choice.

Shardeum is an EVM-based, linearly scalable smart contract platform that provides low gas fees forever while maintaining true decentralization and solid security through dynamic state sharding. is a global network, protocol, and currency that enables the permaweb.

ArDrive is a user-friendly, permanent storage app in the Network. This new network includes a range of protocols and apps get permanent storage into the hands of everyone.

BitKeep is a decentralized multi-chain crypto wallet dedicated to providing safe and convenient one-stop digital asset management services to users around the world. We are now serving nearly 8 million users across 168 countries. BitKeep has forged partnerships with top 30 chains including Polygon, Solana, BNB Chain, ETH, HECO, OKX Chain, TRON, Fantom, Wax, IOST, AVAX, zkSync, Terra, Nea, and Arbitrum, and become their official recommended wallet. With 76+ Mainnets, 20000+ DAPPs and 223,500 cryptos supported, Bitkeep aims to provide the most convenient and easy-to-use decentralized portal to users.

Colony is a community-driven Avalanche ecosystem accelerator that funds early-stage projects in the Avalanche ecosystem and provides liquidity for existing DeFi protocols. In addition, Colony community members can also earn staking rewards from Avalanche and upcoming subnets.

EverVision is an Arweave Web3 infrastructure provider for anyone who wants to build on Web3 using everPay, Permaswap, PermaDAO, and the development tool: Web3Infra.

Hyper Oracle is a ZKP-based oracle project, currently working with Delphinus Lab to explore zkWASM’s cutting-edge research and development in indexing and automating Middleware protocols, and zkWASM is completing full support for some of Hyper Oracle’s infrastructure components. Hyper Oracle’s next goals are two directions, ZK-Indexing and ZK-Automation. ZK -Indexing is similar to The Graph, extracting blockchain data from Hyper Oracle Node, processing and storing it for easy querying by DApps via GraphQL. ZK -Automation is a decentralized automation protocol that enables trustless automation of off-chain and on-chain sources. Hyper Oracle testnet is coming soon.

Kwil is a permissionless SQL database for the decentralized internet. Kwil is a social media and data management solution built on top of the Arweave permaweb. By utilizing a myriad of other blockchain technologies, Kwil Social and Kwil DB provide a novel architecture for managing both social graphs, as well as decentralized relational database systems.

Overeality is infrastructuremscaling Web3 interoperability with cutting-edge zero-knowledge proof systems.

GameFi & Metaverse

Everyrealm is an investor and developer of a metaverse ecosystem that aims to shape the metaverse by investing, managing and developing assets, including NFT, virtual real estate, metaverse platforms, games and infrastructure. Everyrealm received $60 million in Series A financing led by a16z.

Xterio is a Web3 game developer and publisher built by the world-class game company Funplus team. It is also a P2E game platform and GameFi-as-a-service (GAAS) solution. At present, Xterio is working on several core chain game products, including the upcoming release of RPG games in Project Jupiter, Project Mercury and Project Venus. Xterio has received investment from DST, Makers Fund and other institutions.

AboveLand is an open-world ARPG game where core game assets and in-game currencies are recorded on the blockchain, with investments from institutions such as Binance Labs.

Cradles is a RPG prehistoric meta-universe. By introducing a time and entropy system, Cradles integrates the rules of real-world time and space in the game. Cradles uses a dual-token economic model that combines traditional currency with Cryptocurrency design. The inflation rate of the in-game currency crystal is controlled by a smart contract.

DeGame is a GameFi data platform for P2E players to explore NFT games and track data.

Engines of Fury is the first Web 3.0 apocalyptic 3D fighting and exploration game powered by FURY tokens.

Heroes Chained is an action RPG game where players can build an agency, recruit heroes and experience PvP, build, explore and more.

Karmaverse is a AAA multiverse game with multiple game metauniverses dedicated to creating large-scale SLG GameFi games that combine game monetization and gaming fun in the game world. Karmaverse Zombie is Karmaverse’s first game, a NFT social game set in an apocalyptic world infested by zombies and mutants, where players fight to survive and regain world domination.

Lifeform is a visual DID solutions provider that brings Web2 users into the metasverse and Web3 world by simplifying the creation, use, and management of virtual identities. Specifically, Lifeform developed a cross-platform 3D avatar editor that enables people to use decentralized authentication DID and retain multiple zero-knowledge anonymous digital identities through NFT. Lifeform received investment from Binance Labs and others.

Method MetaGuild(MMG)is a Web3 E-sports organization focused on MMO and RPG, transformed from Method, the largest agency in World of Warcraft, and is building the Web3 E-sports platform, MMG E-sports Academy and other projects.

Realy is a street culture meta-universe project characterized by “Live-to-earn”. It officially launched the meta-universe city KOOOLA at the end of April. Realy developed a “game screen” with AAA effect through Unreal Engine 4, and the overall rendering effect of the 3D in virtual space is better than that of most existing virtual space meta-universes. In addition, Realy is also committed to enhancing the connection with the real world with culture, and empowering the land deeply through CityDAO governance, so as to promote the development of its own meta-universe system business.

Space Nation is a next-generation AAA space-themed blockchain game that aims to become the highest standard of crypto gaming ever. It combines Chinese MMORPG game design with Western space opera stories, integrates P4F and P2E game modes on the basis of the “Fantasy Westward Journey” ecosystem, attracts Web2 and Web3 users, and promotes the development of the ecosystem.

Tiny World is a chain travel meta-universe on BNB Chain that combines NFT, DeFi and Gaming, and has long ranked among the top three in BNB Chain.

Web3 Social & Creator Economy

Atem is a decentralized content creation protocol, we aim at helping creators tokenize their content and build web3 native communities. is a set of social and identity protocols for building strong decentralized communities.

Everyworld is a Web 3.0 social network portal to the metaverse developed by Everyrealm and a springboard to metaverse aggregation and interoperability, with features including: Metaverse Launchpad & Discovery, Web3 social network, creator and consumer ecosystem, multi-chain NFT wallets and payments, and cross-metaverse currency. Everyworld believes in the future “Content Is King”, emphasizing the empowerment of creators and providing its users with specific content in the meta-universe such as news, community, venue events, games, advice, videos, NFT, markets, etc. in a curated form. Everyworld’s social and governance token is EVERY. According to its roadmap, Everyworld is in the V1.0 stage, and V2.0 and V3.0 have not yet been launched.

FirstBatch is a AI social protocol that hopes to read users’ authorization data in Web2 social media, generate users’ interest tags on the chain with AI, and use ZK technology for privacy protection.

Inspect is a Twitter-based web social data protocol that provides Data Analysis for the NFT community. At present, the project supports NFT projects of Ethereum and Solana. After installing the plug-in, the icon of the NFT source chain will be marked in the lower right corner of the Twitter title to achieve differentiation from Ethereum.

Pearpop is a blockchain creator marketing and writing platform. Its two new products are brand engagement service Ovation and blockchain cross-platform engagement service Passport, which can help brands better understand creator influence and audience engagement. Pearpop has received investment from Seven Seven Six, Blizzard Fund, Bessemer Venture Partners and other institutions.

Phaver is a Share-to-Earn social app for iOS and Android, powered by Lens Protocol. In Phaver, users can either post, support adding pictures (including instant photos), links (tweets, blogs), products, applications, select content domain tags and targeting, or browse all content in Lens. After connecting a wallet, Lens Profile users can post directly to Lens through Phaver.

ReadON is a Web2-compatible decentralized content platform aiming to build the backbone infrastructure for the next generation of blogs, news, and forums.

RSS3 is a decentralized information delivery and social protocol that proposes an open source protocol based on RSS, providing a platform-free tracking subscription service similar to RSS.


DAO Maker is a crypto Launchpad platform designed to help DApp developers leverage the capabilities and mining of Social Mining to build communities, transforming communities into DAO value-adding and value-evaluating members through the project’s tokens. DAO Maker has products DAO Launchpad, Farms and Vestings, DAO Swap, Vote & Fairdrops, Stake DAO and Governance.

Zebec is a Solana eco-programmable streaming payment and multi-signature fund management protocol that supports sending funds in real-time and continuous payments. It can be used for payroll, investment and other scenarios. It is designed to help people get paid and buy products and services in streaming payments without relying on intermediaries that currently profit by delaying transactions. Currently, its products include streaming Payment Instrument Zebec Pay and multi-signature asset management vault Zebec Safe. Zebec is invested by Lightspeed Capital, Circle, Coinbase and other institutions.

ClearDAO is a decentralized derivatives protocol that aims to create an ecosystem powered by ClearDAO to accelerate the development of Cryptocurrency derivatives and markets. ClearDAO provides developers with SDK and tools to easily create customized derivatives and launch trading platforms. At present, ClearDAO has completed the development of templates including Stock Option, Notes, Futures, Swaps, Indices, NFT Markets, and participated in the construction of several third-party derivatives projects. ClearDAO adopts a multi-chain strategy and now supports Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, KCC, Arbitrum and other networks.

CyberX is a technology firm that specializes in crypto finance. By utilizing the latest advancements in blockchain, deep learning, and financial engineering, CyberX develops a decentralized liquidity network connecting assets in CeFi venues and DeFi protocols, dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and infrastructure of the digital market.

Krypton is a MEV-resistant decentralized exchange, built using Chainlink’s decentralized oracle technology, combined with Keepers and Chainlink external adapters to create a Hybrid Smart Contract that minimizes on-chain storage and computing requirements. It provides users with the best transaction execution and helps users close transactions at the “best transaction cost”, free from slippage, impermanence losses and MEV. Krypton is invested by Framework Capital, Chainlink and other institutions.

MovEX is a community-driven DEX built to provide trading and liquidity provision experience for users and project developers. MovEX combines AMM and order book and delivers the ultimate trading and liquidity provision experience for everyone by creating a hybrid liquidity pool. Internally, MovEX has a settlement engine that distributes orders between AMM and order book, guaranteeing both minimal slippages for traders and fairness for liquidity providers.

Orderly Network is a permissionless and modular protocol that brings high throughput, low latency, low fees, tight spreads and composability for DeFi builders.

Zaptos.Finance is a non-custodial liquid staking protocol built on Aptos. At Zaptos, users can deposit their staking asset into Zaptos and receive an IOU derivative that can be used in decentralized finance or applications built on the Aptos chain.


Cedar is an NFTFi platform designed to lower the barrier to purchase NFT users and enhance NFT liquidity, and its products include sell order aggregator HighSwap, buy now, pay later (BNPL) and loan risk radar (LRR).

Illust is an augmented reality (AR) NFT project where creators use augmented reality tools to place NFT in the community, craft Localization messages for friends, and publish interactive games for people to play. Visitors own their data in PoP (proof of existence) tokens and can exchange goods and services from Illust’s creators and brand partners. The founding team of Illust is from Facebook’s original AR project team.

NiftyConnect is a decentralized NFT Aggregation trading protocol designed to solve the problem of insufficient liquidity in NFT markets.

Pianity is a music NFT marketplace built on the Arweave ecosystem, where musicians and their community can come together to write, sell, buy and collect limited-edition songs certified by blockchain technology. Pianity’s core is the rational distribution of profits. It collects a certain fee income through the primary sales and secondary transactions of music NFT, and then distributes the proceeds to each user holding a NFT according to the ratio of the value of the user’s purchase NFT to the total value of all NFT. In addition, its token PIA also belongs to Arweave’s profit distribution token type.

Sol Sniper is a Solana-NFT analytics and trading platform that enables real-time NFT trading.

Starly is a Flow-based Gamification NFT marketplace that simplifies the process of creating and buying NFT. From the point of view of creation, Starly provides a series of simple and easy-to-use tools. Creators can connect their social media accounts on Starly’s official website and follow the guidelines to NFT creation.


Blocktempo is an all-round blockchain media in Taiwan.

CoinNess is a blockchain media platform in South Korea.


Arcanum Capital is a seed-stage venture capital firm focused on supporting enterprising and forward-thinking teams that are establishing decentralized networks and applications for the global blockchain ecosystem.

SevenX Ventures is a venture capital founded by crypto veterans with an average industry experience of 5 years. It insists on providing relentless support, from marketing to fundraising, from tokenomic design to resource integration, for projects and helping entrepreneurs succeed.

ROK Capital is a thesis-driven fund founded by members with long-term operational roots in the crypto industry.


Gitcoin is a community-managed open source project funding platform with a mission to build and fund digital public goods. A governance token GTC was launched in May 2021 to govern Gitcoin Grants and GitcoinDAO. Its most influential product is Gitcoin Grants, Web3’s largest public goods fundraising pool, which runs quarterly to provide a platform for public goods built using open source software such as Python, Rust, Ruby, JavaScript, Solidity, HTML, CSS, Design, etc., to seek funding and access to funding, helping public goods connect with people willing to fund the project.

Matrixport is a digital asset financial services platform that provides services such as Earn, Loan, Collateral Investment, Cryptocurrency Purchase and Trading.

Veridise is a blockchain security company that provides audits and software analysis tools for all layers of the blockchain ecosystem, including smart contracts, web3 applications, zero-knowledge circuits, and blockchain implementations.

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