An overview of HashKey Capital’s investment landscape

HashKey Capital, known as one of the largest and most influential blockchain and crypto investors in Asia and the earliest institutional investor in Ethereum, has invested in crypto assets and Blockchain-related projects since 2015 and keep pace with the whole industry over the past 7 years. As of now, the total assets under management of HashKey Capital have exceeded $1 billion.

HashKey Capital has a comprehensive and deep understanding of the Blockchain and digital asset industry thanks to its first-mover advantages, making its investment landscape cover almost most of the Web3-related tracks, including public chains, protocols, crypto finance, infrastructure, metaverse, NFT, GameFi, etc.

In terms of investment strategy, HashKey Capital regards continuously profound researches as “tentacles” to keep up with the industry. Meanwhile, HashKey Capital always has an advanced layout, which digs deep into potential projects, striving for investment opportunities in early-stage projects.  Additionally, deep-seated resource network also provides full-cycle corresponding support as well as value-added services to companies in their portfolio.

Their portfolio includes more than 500 companies in 17 regions, focusing not only on mainstream markets such as Asia, North America and Europe, but also on new opportunities arising from the emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Besides Ethereum, its representative portfolio includes Polkadot, Cosmos, Efinity, FTX, coinlist, Blockdaemon, dydx, imtoken, Animoca, Mask, etc.

In addition to its investments, HashKey Capital is actively involved in building the Web3 global ecosystem and playing a leading role in building a bridge between Web2 and Web3, working with entrepreneurs, investors, community participants and regulators to build a comprehensive blockchain and crypto ecosystem.



Genies: Genies is an avatar technology company that provides tools to create NFTs for avatars, clothing, and more, and enables users to view and trade NFTS across most platforms.

Concept Art House: Powering Web3 projects for the biggest brands and IP in the World. 

Charged Particles: Now, every NFT can contain digital assets. One-of-a-kind Mint Lab for legendary creators built on Secret Network. 

LiveArtX: The Web3 Platform for Art and Culture.

insrt finance: Accessible NFT Alpha, make it easy and simple for NFT holders, traders and DAOs to generate NFT finance returns.

TokenScript: Open source development team bridging Web2 and Web3 with solutions like BrandConnecter and BrandExtender for major brands, NFT collections and creators.

Wincast: Real. Live. NFT. 

Animoca Brands: Animoca Brands is a Hong Kong based mobile game development company, founded in 2014, focused on advancing digital property rights and metauniverse development in digital entertainment, blockchain and gamification.

bitsCrunch: bitsCrunch provides NFT tracking and analytics services and is able to use AI recognition tools to provide users with security services in the NFT ecosystem.

NFT Marketplace

Treasureland: A multichain platform for NFT issuance, trading, NFT collections and tailored in-shop services.

myNFT: The low cost multi-chain NFT marketplace with an edge.

Burnt Finance: Fully-decentralized NFT platform.

Stashh: Stashh is an NFT privacy marketplace.

GameFi & Metaverse


Era7: Game of Truth: Brand New Innovative Play-to-Earn NFT Trading Card GameFi project.

KarmaVerse: Karmaverse is a Metaverse and GameFi project, created by SLG top game developers.

Aurory: A Solana-based blockchain gaming project.

Sidus: Sidus is a virtual world game based on NFTS.

Tiny World: Tiny World is a BNB Chain-based P2E game that combines NFT, DeFi and Gaming.

Heroes of Mavia: Heroes of Mavia is an MMO strategy game developed by Skrice Studios.

Decentral Games: Decentral Games is a metauniverse poker game that allows users to earn rewards by playing the game, providing liquidity, and participating in blockchain governance.

CEBG: The First Anime MOBA + BattleRoyal game on blockchain

Myth Links: Myth Links is a Myth and technology themed blockchain game.

Revoland: MOBA & Battle Royale Esports game based on BNB Chain. 

Paladin Pandas: Play-to-Earn NFT game by OHDAT Labs.

Iron Sail: Iron Sail is a GameFi Hub that serves as the gateway to the Metaverse through the investment of seven promising GameFi projects.


Rangers Protocol: A Web3 Engine Infrastructure for creating immersive Web3 applications.

Nano Labs: Nano Labs is a leading fabless IC design company,which owns Nano,iPollo,iPolloverse. Power of metaverse. Using AI for the games industry Provide a complete solution.

Metacat: Metaverse Data Analytics & Content Navigation. 

MixMarvel: MixMarvel is a blockchain game publishing platform and content community.

DeGame: DeGame is a GameFi data platform for P2E players to explore NFT games and track data.

Xterio: Xterio is a free-to-play-and-earn game developer and publisher founded by veterans of the game industry. 

Ponlaii: Ponlaii is the parent company of the Metaverse project Rivermen and has completed the design and construction of several virtual properties.

Meta 1 Network: The world’s first decentralized, real-time cloud rendering platform for every piece of metaverse content.


YGG SEA: YGG SEA is YGG’s first regional sub-DAO, focusing on players in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

AAG: Web3 infrastructure company focusing on providing software that helps users simplify interactions with blockchain applications and the Metaverse.


Trade & Liquidity

Ruby.Exchange: The first NFT-powered AMM, built on SKALE with zero gas fees.

Edgeswap: Edgeswap is a Layer2 transaction protocol based on Ethereum.

ZKSpace(Previously ZKSwap): All-featured Layer2 platform based on ZK-Rollups. 

Zenlink: The native cross-chain DEX protocol based on Polkadot. 

DeltaFi: A Solana-based decentralized exchange pioneering swap to earn, unmatched price fairness, and yield opportunities for all DeFi participants.

iZUMi Finance: iZUMi Finance is a multi-chain DeFi protocol providing One-Stop Liquidity as a Service (LaaS) .

1inch: A distributed network for various protocols on Ethereum, BNBChain, Avalanche, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Gnosis, Fantom, Klaytn and Aurora.

DeGate: DeGate is Limit Orders, Decentralized. An orderbook-centric DEX protocol that is powered by zk-rollups.

LuciDefi: AI-Assisted Defi Trading Platform.

Metapier: DeFi infrastructure and liquidity backbone for the Flow ecosystem.

Asset Management & Yield

Synchrony: one-click solution for Decentralized Asset Management.

OpenEden: Bringing institutional capital markets on-chain for Web3 builders via a transparent, regulatory-first high yield cash management product.

Borrowing & Derivative

ForTube: A decentralized cryptocurrency bank powered by FOR token. Lending, wealth management, aggregate mining and pools.

Pawnfi: Pawnfi is the first lending & leasing market to provide fair appraisal and liquidity for Non-Standard Assets.

NAOS Finance: Building a RWA infrastructure by connecting DeFi with CeFi.

Clearpool: Earn market-leading returns on stablecoins.Lend to leading institutions & earn attractive risk-adjusted yields.

Pendle: Pendle is a revenue trading agreement that enables users to generate additional revenue and lock in future revenue.

Risedle: Leveraged Position Tokenizing Protocol.

Hubble Protocol: Supercharging Liquidity on Solana.

dYdX:dYdX is a decentralized derivatives trading platform based on an order book model that supports the contract trading of dozens of tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Divergence: Divergence is a decentralized derivative generation and trading platform based on volatility derivatives.

Opium: Opium is a derivatives protocol that can be used to create, settle and trade any decentralized derivative product.

Synfutures: Decentralized Derivatives Protocol. 

Unbound: Interest-Free Borrowing | One-Stop Yield Optimization Platform For DeFi Investments.

ZKX: ZKX is a derivatives trading protocol based on StarkNet.

MYSO: MYSO is a zero clearing DeFi lending agreement.

Shieldex: The Shieldex is a perpetual option decentralized trading agreement.

HashMix: HashMix is a fully decentralized hash power tokenization and circulation platform. Empower hash power with NFT and DeFi tools.


InsurAce: Leading Multi-Chain Decentralized Cover. 


Multichain: Cross-Chain Router Protocol (CRP), envisioned to be the ultimate router for Web3.

Swing: Swing is a cross-chain liquidity protocol that crypto developers and traders can use to conduct cross-chain transactions and liquidity migration between blockchains like Ethereum and Solana.

BoringDAO: Multi-Chain Solutions for Every Crypto Asset.

Darwinia: Darwinia is a cross-chain bridge network developed based on Substrate.

Mystiko: Mystiko is a cross-chain privacy transaction protocol.


everVision(Previously everFinance): EverVision aims to provide decentralized financial services without time and space boundaries for all people. Its goal is to improve user experience, reduce the development threshold, and provide decentralized and trusted financial applications for all people. EverPay has launched a blockchain ease-of-use solution and application protocol. On the premise of ensuring credibility, it provides users with payment and settlement experience close to the Internet.

Xend Finance: Backed by Binance and Google Launchpad, Xend Finance is a global crypto bank offering up to 15% interest, with an open Web3 infrastructure for developers.

EigenPhi: Full-Scale DeFi Deep Data Platform. Covering MEV, Front Run, Liquidation, Flash loan, and Lending.

DeBank: The leading Web3 portfolio tracker that supports the largest number of DeFi protocols across 37 chains.

HAL: HAL help individuals and organizations to query and automate blockchain data.


Asset Management & Institution

BlockFi: BlockFi is a one-stop cryptocurrency financial services platform that provides cryptocurrency trading, lending and other services.

Hex Trust: Hex Trust is a digital asset custodian that provides escrow, DeFi, brokerage, and financing services.

Imperii Partners: Imperii Partners is a crypto native investment banking and advisory firm.

Cobo: Cobo is a blockchain technology service provider, providing one-stop crypto financial services such as custody, WaaS, transactions, lending, DeFi and asset management.

FOMO Pay: FOMO Pay is a digital payment processing platform.

Nestcoin:Nestcoin is designed to help build native encryption products like DeFi, media, digital art, and more.

Reap: Reap is an online payment platform.

Bitcoin Suisse: Bitcoin Suisse is a crypto finance company that provides trading, prime brokerage, custody, lending, and other services.

DigiFT: DigiFT is a token platform that connects traditional finance with DeFi.

Terrace: Terrace is an encryption and Web3 solutions provider.

Lightnet: Lightnet is a cross-border payment network that provides efficient and instant transactions.

DeZy: DeZy is a crypto financial services platform.

Credora(原 X-Margin): Credora (formerly X-Margin) is a crypto credit platform.

Coin Metrics: Coin Metrics is a crypto asset market and web data API, analytics, and research organization.

Merkle Science: Merkle Science is a next-generation cryptographic threat detection, risk management, and compliance organization for enterprises, banks, and government agencies.

SignalPlus: SignalPlus is a financial technology company focused on trading options on crypto assets.

Cryptomate: Cryptomate is an Argentina-based company that provides B2B services for digital assets.

Woo Network: The Woo Network is a deep liquidity Network that connects traders, exchanges, institutions and DeFi platforms.

Canza Finance: Canza Finance is an African open Finance portal that enables smes in sub-Saharan Africa to access financial services.

Xanpool: Kaiko is a blockchain market data provider that provides institutional level digital asset market data.

Kaiko: Kaiko is a blockchain market data provider that provides institutional level digital asset market data.

TabTrader: TabTrader is an aggregated trading terminal for crypto exchanges that supports nearly 30 exchanges including Bitmex, Binance, KuCoin, Huobi, and Bittrex.

hi: Hi is a universal cross-ecological encrypted mobile payment and financial services platform.


FTX: FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers trading services such as leveraged tokens, options, futures and spot markets.

FalconX: FalconX is a B2B institutional digital asset trading platform.

Vibra: Vibra is a Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange focused on the African market.

Mara: Mara is an African cryptocurrency exchange.


Evertas: Evertas is a crypto asset insurer.

Blockchain & Ecology

Harmony: Harmony is a high performance public chain project based on state sharding and PoS.

Secret Network: Secret Network is a privacy blockchain Network based on Cosmos.

Polkadot: Polkadot is an open source sharding multi-chain protocol, which unites multiple blockchain platforms into a unified and scalable network. Not only tokens, any data or asset type can be transferred across chains, so that various blockchains can interoperate.

Avalanche: Avalanche core platform has three blockchains, namely transaction chain (X chain), contract chain (C chain) and platform chain (P chain), where X chain is used to create and trade assets, C chain is used to create smart contracts, P chain is used to coordinate verifiers and subnets.

Cosmos: Cosmos aims to build an interoperable Blockchain connected to the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

Acala Network: Acala Network is Poca Ecology’s DeFi infrastructure and aims to unite Poca Ecology to create an open financial framework, Core Layer1 modules such as stablecoin Honzon, a cross-chain multi-asset mortgage, Homa, an asset mobility release, and a decentralized exchange are launched.

Skale: Skale is a Layer2 project that extends with a side chain solution.

Astar Network: Astar Network is a Polkadot-based multi-chain multi-virtual machine DApp center that natively supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), WebAssembly, Layer2 expansion scheme and mainstream Layer1 blockchain.

Mina: Mina is a lightweight blockchain that employs ZK-SnARK technology for recursive zero-knowledge proof to achieve a constant size of blocks.

Stacks: Stacks aims to make Bitcoin programmable, implementing decentralized apps and smart contracts that inherit all the power of Bitcoin.

Assembly: Assembly is a fragmented multi-chain network that allows developers to create their own smart contract chains according to specified standards, and Assembly will be responsible for securing and linking all these smart contract chains.

Gear: Gear is the computational component of the Polkadot network.

Kava: Kava is a multi-asset DeFi platform based on the Cosmos ecology.

Efinity: Efinity is developed by Enjin, Efinity is a global cross-chain NFT blockchain. Powered by deflated EFI tokens, the network is environmentally friendly, scalable, and built specifically for games, apps, businesses, and creators to deliver their own NFTS to mainstream audiences.

Nervos Network: Nervos Network is a set of multi-asset value storage public chain based on PoW consensus. Meson Network is a bandwidth aggregator and decentralized acceleration Network.

Nym: Nym is a decentralized privacy infrastructure.

Moonbeam: Moonbeam is a PolkadOt-based smart contract blockchain dedicated to providing the development tools and network that Ethereum developers are familiar with.

IoTex: IoTex is a decentralized Internet of Things platform.

Ava Labs: Ava Labs aims to provide funding and support for Dapps on Avalanche.

CasperLabs: CasperLabs aims to lower the barriers to entry for adoption of blockchain technology so that businesses can begin to leverage blockchain technology.

PlatON: PlatON is a private public chain.

Edgeware: Edgeware is an autonomous smart contract blockchain network.


Canaan: Canaan is a supercomputing solution provider specializing in blockchain mining and artificial intelligence.

Cowa: Cowa is an environmentally friendly Bitcoin mining company.


imToken: ImToken is a decentralized digital wallet for managing and securing a wide range of blockchain-based and token-based assets, identities, and data.

ZenGo: ZenGo is a keyless cryptocurrency wallet that uses MPC technology.

Linen: Linen is a cryptocurrency wallet based in Silicon Valley.

AlphaWallet: AlphaWallet is a Web3 wallet for DeFi and NFTS.

Numio: Numio is a Layer2 mobile wallet app based on Ethereum and zkSync, which also integrates cryptocurrency purchases and exchanges.

1wallet: 1Wallet is a social wallet.

xBank: XBank is a crypto wallet platform.



Decrypt: Decrypt is a Web3 content and media platform.

The Block: The Block is a Web3 content, media, and research platform.


Filecoin: Filecoin is a decentralized storage network developed by Protocol Labs, which uses spatio-temporal proof and replication proof to verify storage effectiveness.

Swarm: Swarm is a decentralized storage network and communications system.


Secbit: Secbit (Amby LABS) focuses on smart contract security issues, comprehensively monitors smart contract security vulnerabilities and provides professional contract security audit services.


InfStones: InfStones is a decentralized blockchain infrastructure on an integrated platform that provides cloud management services for PoS public chains.

Blockdaemon: Blockdaemon is an institutional blockchain infrastructure with products including verification nodes, pledge/delegation, liquidity pledge, blockchain API, NFT API, etc.

CoinList: CoinList is a cryptocurrency issuance platform and CoinList Markets is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) as a money services business, as well as with the Multi-State Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) in the US.

Quiknode: Quiknode is a cloud-hosted Ethereum node for developers and power users.

TEA Project: TEA Project is a decentralized cloud computing platform developed based on Substrate.

Polkapad: Polkapad is a heterogeneous multi-chain platform and financing center.

.bit(original known as DAS): It is a cross-chain decentralized identity (DID) system developed based on Nervos CKB. All accounts end with “.bit “, and users can register in multiple languages around the world. Each “.bit “is unique, and the”.bit “account with the same name cannot be created repeatedly.

ChainIDE: ChainIDE is a smart contract cloud development tool that enables developers to compile, design, deploy, test, and invoke middleware systems based on open alliance chain systems for smart contracts.

HashQuark: HashQuark is a Hong Kong blockchain infrastructure service provider providing enterprise-level pledge services.

BlockPI: BlockPI is a distributed multi-chain acceleration layer designed to provide high-performance and reliable RPC services for Web3.

Radicle: Radicle is a decentralized peer-to-peer platform for code collaboration.

Memo: The Memo writes transactions to the BCH blockchain, which can be read by the client application to view the activity on the network.

Anima: Anima is a Web3 platform and studio that makes virtual worlds a reality by working with artists and innovative creators.

UniPass: UniPass is multi-chain unified crypto identity and your universal passport to crypto world and metaverse.

AstroX: AstroX is a Web3 identity infrastructure.

ChainSafe: ChainSafe is a blockchain protocol and infrastructure development platform.

Chaos Labs: Securing blockchains and protocols through robust agent and scenario based simulations.

Coinshift: Coinshift aims to build a sophisticated crypto money management platform for companies and DAOs.

Flipside: Flipside is a community supported DeFi and encryption project data analytics project.

Space and Time: Web3-Native, Decentralized Data Platform. Powering low-latency queries and tamperproof analytics, joining on-chain and off-chain data.

Web3Go: A multi-chain open data analytics & service platform.

BoAT: BoAT is a technology startup focused on trusted identity authentication and data privacy protection for the Smart Internet of Things.


Bchat: Bchat is an encrypted social application based on Rules as a Service (Raas). It tries to discover users through Crypto data, including but not limited to Token, NFT, Discord, and other common data in the Crypto industry. Let users find strangers with the same attributes through Bchat.

Braintrust: Braintrust is a Web3 decentralized talent network that connects businesses with talented freelancers to align their interests. The platform is free for freelancers, and users are rewarded with its native tokens for its increasing adoption of think tanks, such as inviting new clients or vetting freelancers.

Dmail: The first decentralized mailbox that can be used as DID for the Web 3.0 world.

DomainDAO: DomainDAO aims to bid for the.dao domain name.

DoraFactory: DoraFactory is a programmable, multi-chain DAO-AS-a-service open infrastructure, located at Substrate.

FitR: Get fit, play, and earn – FitR, your social AI fitness platform. 

EthSign: EthSign is a decentralized electronic protocol signing platform that supports users to sign and manage protocols electronically. Users can log in to EthSign through encrypted wallets such as MetaMask or traditional Web2 methods, upload files, and perform “electronic signature”.

Huddle01: Simple & secure video calling app and infrastructure for the decentralized web. Token gated meetings, NFT avatars.

Puma Browser: Mobile browser for Web3. Private by design. 

Galxe(Previously Project Galaxy): Galxe (formerly Project Galaxy) is a Web3 credential data network. It collects credential data through multiple data sources of on-chain and off-chain dimensions and manages the network, thus constructing a Decentralized identity system based on Web3 DID (Decentralized ID).

Whale Shark: WhaleShark was founded by WhaleShark, one of the largest individual buyers of NFTS in the crypto asset market. The Whale token is indirectly backed by WhaleShark’s NFT assets, which are housed in an address called the “Vault” and are largely managed by WhaleShark.

Mask Network: Mask Network is a bridge to help users seamlessly transition from Web2 to Web3, allowing users to seamlessly send crypto messages and cryptocurrencies on the platforms of traditional social giants.

RSS3: RSS3 is an open information federation protocol designed to support efficient and decentralized information distribution in Web3.

Relation: Data Value Explorer on Web3 Social Graph.

SeeDAO: SeeDAO is a Web3-based content creator organization that builds DAO2DAO’s ecological network.

MindCoord: Mindcoord is an AI company using computer vision and computer graphics to promote creative content production.

Ownership: Ownership aims to build an innovative personal data wallet, Dataverse.

Planetable: Native macOS app for building and reading decentralized blogs running on IPFS + ENS.

Readon: ReadON is the First “Read-FI” Program for General Users.

Sonorus: Sonorus is a Web3 protocol that aims to revolutionize the way music and ultimately all forms of content are distributed, distributed, and commercialized.

Skill Wallet: Skill Wallet is a personal, non-transferable NFT ID based on a member’s skills and reputation rather than personal data.

Beoble: Beoble is a social module with API and SDK for Web 3.0, and Web3 services can easily integrate social features such as social profiles, messaging, and publishing and feeds into their services.


DAOSquare: Incubator for Web3.

Moonshot: An alliance of global space pioneers accelerating and investing in startups with remarkable ideas about how to use space.


Bonfire: It is the investment arm of Mask Network.

DAO Ventures: DAO Ventures is a venture capital fund focused on Web3, NFT, DeFi.

AVV: AVV is creating a new standard for a tokenized future. We’re building composable smart token bridges. Bridges from tomorrow to today.



SmartToken Labs: SmartToken Labs is creating a new standard for a tokenized future. We’re building composable smart token bridges. Bridges from tomorrow to today.

MachineFi: MachineFi is building tomorrow’s Internet today. And powering the Machine-to-People reward economy.

peaq: It provides everything you need to build people-powered applications for vehicles, robots, and devices on a people-powered blockchain network.

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