Merit Circle partners with Particle Ink

Merit Circle, the blockchain gaming guild, has announced a partnership with web3 game platform Particle Ink and a $250,000 investment in the company. Merit Circle will also serve as an advisor to Particle Ink. Particle Ink is a web3 game platform that combines AR technology, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology to create a new gaming experience. The platform includes in-game NFT assets and a community token that supports in-game transactions.

What is Particle Ink?

Particle Ink is a metaverse that exists at the intersection of the digital and physical realms. Players enter the metaverse and join the Army of Light, composed of Lumins, peaceful beings of pure light, to fight against the chaotic and destructive Ink Army commanded by the ominous Ink God. Particle Ink aims to redefine the gaming experience by moving beyond simple storytelling to ‘story-living’ through AR and Web3 technology. The NFT assets evolve as the player progresses through the gameplay and can cross the barrier into the physical world through interactions in live portal experiences around the world.

With an inspiration drawn from Disney Imagineering, Cirque du Soleil, and The Sundance Film Festival, Particle Ink includes spell-binding artwork and imagery that fully immerses players in this unique and mysterious new world.

Open Options

Although Particle Ink is powered by Web3 technology, the game itself remains the center of focus. Players are free to explore the metaverse and interact with others in their live portals without the need to interact with any Web3 elements. Players are given the option to connect their wallet at a certain stage in the game. Competitive players may choose to do so to purchase NFTs that offer additional features and perks or benefit from the sale of their own digital assets in the marketplace.

The game features a community token that is used to support various in-game transactions in the ecosystem. Players can use the token to craft and upgrade items within the game, decorate their avatar, and customize their villages. Expansion packs and mini-games can also be purchased using the token for those interested in exploring the next chapters in Particle Ink lore.

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