OKLink: Bo Shen’s asset theft most likely due to private key leakage

Foresight News: Bo Shen, partner of Fenbushi Capital, suffers from theft of 42M worth of crypto assets out of his personal wallet ending in 894 in the early morning of Nov. 10 EST. The stolen assets are claimed as personal funds without ripples to Fenbushi associated entities.

In accordance with OKLink, the theft could be owing to private key leakage rather than regular authorized phishing as Bo Shen’s stolen address directly initiates transfer transactions instead of “transferFrom”.

The theft address has replaced 38 million $USDC to $DAI, which can no longer be frozen through centralized entity. Currently only 1.05 $ETH are left in Bo Shen’s personal wallet address.

Source: https://twitter.com/boshen1011/status/1595265219898789888?s=20&t=JfjLrAzOU3SVoHJgrsayoA

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