Optimism Goes Super-chain

Optimism mainnet, Base, and other L2s will be upgraded to an initial super-chain structure with shared bridging and sequencing

Optimism, the decentralized blockchain technology, has cumulatively saved users $2.69 billion in fees, 15.8 years of waiting for transaction confirmations and currently secures $2.8 billion in on-chain value. However, the reality is that Ethereum has not yet been scaled to rival the goliaths of web2. To support the next hundreds, thousands, and millions of chains, there is a need for a paradigm shift.

Optimism aims to build a unified network of chains, not just one, that seeks to integrate otherwise siloed L2s into a single interoperable and composable system, called the Superchain. The Superchain prioritizes decentralization, governance, security, and making constant improvements in tandem.

Coinbase joins the Optimism ecosystem as both a core developer of the OP Stack codebase and as a new L2 blockchain built on it, called Base. As a chain, Base will contribute a portion of transaction fee revenue back to an Optimism Collective treasury, furthering the vision for a sustainable future where impact equals profit.

This collaboration strives to upgrade Optimism Mainnet, Base, and other L2s to an initial Superchain structure with shared bridging and sequencing. The Superchain can blossom into a sprawling network that maximizes interoperability, shares decentralized protocols, and standardizes its core primitives, all while funding the public goods that enable it.

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