Phaver, the largest app on Lens Protocol, hits 100K active users


Phaver, the gateway to Web3 social built on Aave’s Lens Protocol, is excited to announce the milestone of 100,000 unique users. Phaver’s unique Web2.5 strategy allows anyone to experience all the content and build a follower graph on the popular but exclusive Lens Protocol with just an email log-in. This off-chain data will then be onboarded to Polygon and the on-chain social graph when the user connects a Lens profile nonfungible token (NFT), which Phaver has also been providing to the most active users, in collaboration with the Lens core team. 

Web2.5 approach helps to onboard the mainstream

As Lens Protocol and most other social protocols are still in beta and require both an invitation and an understanding of concepts like wallets and minting, Phaver provides a way to discover and follow the on-chain content, even before you get yourself a coveted Lens profile, or own a crypto wallet.

Creating a free account with your email gives you access to all the content posted on Lens and hundreds of thousands of posts by Phaver users who use the app’s native posting features. When ready, you can on-chain your social graph and content by connecting a Lens profile NFT and further boost the experience with your favorite profile picture NFTs, Galxe on-chain achievement tokens or other on-chain merit badges, all from the comfort of a user-friendly mobile app.

Allowing off-chain follows of Lens profiles on Phaver helps users get started. For example, this has brought Vitalik Buterin an additional 7,000 Phaver followers for his Lens profile.


Allowing off-chain follows of Lens profiles on Phaver helps users get started. For example, this has brought Vitalik Buterin an additional 7,000 Phaver followers for his Lens profile.

Multichain, multi-wallet, multi-protocol

Besides easy onboarding, Web2.5 Phaver profiles enable users to showcase NFTs from multiple chains and connect multiple wallets easily since most NFT collectors keep their most valuable Apes, Punks and Azuki’s separate from their day-to-day wallets. Furthermore, users may want to choose only certain parts of their on-chain life to showcase by choosing which wallets and items should be reflected on their profile.

On-chain credentials can also increase your reputation in a new environment, as is the case with the soulbound tokens launched by Clique and Phaver. This Polygon NFT is minted based on your Twitter and Discord history. It unlocks not only a higher level with perks on Phaver but also some coveted Lens whitelist spots for the highest-ranking Twitter users, making the first steps to Web3 easier and helping protect against bots and fake accounts.

In the future, the open nature of Web3 protocols will allow Phaver to shift to a multi-protocol era, where users can seamlessly connect with their friends, whether they’re on Lens, Farcaster or even Mastodon. Without the restrictions of walled gardens and invasive Web2 business models, the consumers are free to choose their user experience, with apps providing access to content from and posting to multiple social networks at once.


Token economy gamifies and provides real value

With the bear market revealing the weaknesses of numerous social and gaming tokens, Phaver aims to provide an option with genuine utility and value exchange. This means replicating proven utility from Web2 apps, such as premium gated content, boosted visibility, gamification and extra features while rewarding the best creators, curators and moderators with tokens.

This is further boosted by an advertising model that allows brands to use native tokens for advertising, thus providing liquidity and demand and removing the need for every creator to make their own partner deals to monetize their content. Crucially, any targeting is done based on the topics that organize content inside the app, not by spying on users’ web browsing and direct messages like Web2 apps such as Facebook.

While the token release date has not yet been confirmed, users can already earn Phaver Points in the app, qualifying for redeeming the upcoming tokens after the launch. This points-based system also makes things more approachable for a non-crypto audience. It allows for in-app purchasing points that reduce friction and make Phaver one of the only App Store-compliant Web3 social apps in the market, as tokens are not used directly inside the app.

How to get started?

Phaver is available on iOS and Android. Use the invite code “COINTELEGRAPH” to join the invitation-only beta. If you have questions or want to learn more, you can join the highly active Phaver Discord.

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