Scroll Alpha Testnet on Goerli

In a significant development for the zkEVM space, Scroll has announced the launch of its Alpha testnet on Goerli. The zkEVM was once only a theoretical concept, but with the collaborative efforts of researchers, it has become a practical reality.

Scroll has been working for two years on building a bytecode-compatible zkEVM in the open, with the help of the Privacy and Scaling Explorations team and other open-source contributors. Throughout the process, the team has adhered to its values of community-driven efforts, long-term thinking, and adherence to Ethereum’s values.

The Pre-Alpha testnet was launched in August 2022, and it has been supported by a community of over 100,000 users. Since then, the network has processed over 15,400,000 transactions and proved 1,800,000 blocks. Over 641,000 batches have been submitted as validity proofs and finalized by the rollup contract on L1.

Now, with the launch of the Alpha testnet on Goerli, Scroll has taken a significant step towards building a feature-complete, battle-tested zkEVM. The deployment is permissionless, allowing anyone to experiment with the technology and push it to its limits.

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