Spent $500 in gas fees, still exploring to get airdrops

Checking Twitter every day brings out a lot of anxiety.

Any market is full of multiple opinions, the most important thing is to have your own way of playing, how do you plan to make money or lose money?

For example, when doing interaction, some people only work on three projects: zksync, Layerzero, and starknet;

Although these 3 projects have been fud all the time, there are also various complaints, and some people are deeply involved in these projects, even if they are not airdropped in the future, they will be recognized. Dozens of hundreds of accounts are manually operated, not to mention the studio.

There are also people who follow various airdrop tutorials every day. Today is the project that has raised tens of millions of dollars, and tomorrow it is the project with a luxurious investment background that must be followed. Added to favorites, and after the hasty interaction, the next one will be added.

I don’t know which method is better, but there are only a few people who make money from airdrops every time; only when a certain gameplay is implemented to the extreme, will there be more opportunities.

In the second round of Optimism airdrops last time, 70% of the interactive players only got 3–5 OPs. They only did simple interactions, and the gas fee was wasted; while a small number of accounts received tens of thousands of OP airdrops, all of which were in-depth tracking and interaction result, that’s the difference.

Various projects of zksync ecology

Sometimes you are anxious about others posting and sharing, it is better to summarize how you play. For example, whether to play NFT or do interaction, or whether it is fixed investment or band.

In the past two days, Azuki has released the second series of Azuki Elementals. The design style is almost the same. It is difficult to distinguish the first and second generation NFTs with the naked eye.

The community did not pay the bill. AzukiElementals once fell below the issuance floor price of 2ETH, falling to 1.3ETH; the value of the first generation of Azuki has also been diluted, and the current floor price has fallen below 9ETH.

If there is not enough capital, the investment in popular NFT is quite large, and the gas of 2 ETH can interact with many projects.

If you play fake NFT, you can easily issue 10,000, and only 0.0005ETH is minted. Although it is very cheap, there will be no follow-up after the minting, waiting for it to return to zero.

Some people say that there is no narrative for blue-chip NFT, and the NFT track is over; some people think that NFT will still have a chance, but it will only encounter a bear market, and there will also be a bull market to take off.

Azuki and Azuki Elementals NFT

During this period of time, Chuxiaolian is also interacting, just doing it on and off, because as you do it, you can’t find your way.

For example, to do zksync interaction, do you bridge, swap, LP multiple times on the syncswap platform, or find another ecological defi and do it again?

The NFT interaction has already been carried out, should I continue to mint or continue to operate with pending orders?

I have already registered the .zk.zks.zksync domain name, how to continue to interact with DID?

There are also some projects under the infrastructure section, how should ordinary users interact? And how games interact, there are no popular games in the zksync ecosystem, and there is nothing to interact with.

Various bloggers share similar plans for interactive tutorials, and there are multi-interactive ecological projects, and more in-depth interactions must be explored by yourself.

On the one hand, no one knows the specific airdrop standards, and on the other hand, it may be inconvenient to share if they know it; for inexperienced interactive users, this road is not easy.

Some infrastructure projects in zksync ecology

There is also a blogger sorting out Layerzero cross-chain interaction, which is very specific.

For example, cross-chain on Stargate, and use the Angle protocol to cross-chain Gnosis and Celo;

Use the Polyhedra protocol to cross the Moonbeam chain, and use the l2telegraph protocol to cross the ZKsync, Arbitrum Nova, and Polygon zkEVM chains;

Use the Core bridge protocol to cross the Core chain, and use the Aptos bridge protocol to cross the Aptos chain;

There is also the use of the USDC bridge protocol across Goerli (test network), Fuji (test network), etc.

If these cross-chains are done well, there will be more than 20 tx. If you interact multiple times, it can be regarded as a more in-depth experience of the Layerzero ecology; and pledge at Stargate to provide liquidity, etc.

Repeating these interactions many times can be regarded as a relatively in-depth interactive account, but in addition to spending gas, I don’t know what value there is in this interaction. If there is no airdrop in the future, it will be time-consuming and expensive.

Layerzero cross-chain interaction method

There is also starknet interaction, which is considered to be an expensive and stuck L2 network.

I only interacted with the starknet ecological swap platform a few times, registered the stark domain name, participated in the NFT task of the ArgentX wallet, and did some bits and pieces of interaction.

In a small mutual aid group, I watched the group members cheer each other up, complain about starknet, share interactive projects and the gas spent.

Which one is more expensive and which one is cheaper, which platform card is very smooth, I don’t know if the next rewarding person will be born in the small group.

I haven’t received huge airdrop benefits yet, and now I don’t have so much direction and concentration when doing interactions. I occasionally doubt the value of input and think about the ratio of input to output, so I’m doomed to be just a half-player interactive player, and I haven’t gotten started yet.

When I write articles to sort out the specific problems encountered in the operation, I also want to clarify the direction and give myself the reasons and ways to persevere. Only when I know the direction, the road will become wider and wider.

The Buddha-nature interacts, let’s harvest according to fate.

The above is just my personal opinion, no investment advice. I am Chuxiaolian, and I am following the web3 and encryption world.​​



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