The multi-chain network Octopus will lay off 40% of its core team staff

On December 26, the founder of Octopus Network(a multi-chain encrypted network built on NEAR) posted on social media that the core team of Octopus Network will launch a voluntary resignation plan to achieve restructuring. About 40% of members (12 out of 30) will leave the core team through the program. In addition, the remaining team members accept a 20% salary cut, and the Team Token Incentive will be suspended indefinitely.

Louis Liu stated that their plan allows Octopus Network to survive the encryption winter. The team will use NEAR and IBC as the strategic cornerstone of crucial construction the following year. Octopus 2.0 will connect various application chains (based on Substrate or Cosmos SDK) and all blockchains that support IBC. If users have questions about Octopus 2.0 and the refactoring of the core team, Louis Liu will answer them in the community conference call on January 8 next year.


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