Web3 Indexing

Blockchain technology offers a solution for transparent and decentralized data storage. Information stored on-chain is open, permissionless, and backed by its immutable nature that provides data trust and integrity. While on-chain data is available for everyone to verify and utilize, it is expensive to derive semantic meaning in a reliable and efficient manner. Blockchains are distributed ledgers; data needs to be indexed to serve the needs of applications. As the explosion in web3 developer activity continues, we need a reliable data readability layer to speed up product innovation.

Nxyz seeks to improve web3 by offering indexing and data infrastructure that is performant, flexible, and reliable. A spin-off from Neeva, nxyz ingests data straight from blockchain in real time and provides developers with a robust API suite for easily accessing on-chain data. Currently, there are more than 4000 DApps that interface with various chains with different schemas and routing systems. The slowness of data retrieval and the necessity for high throughput creates hurdles for protocols and projects. Nxyz’s multi-chain API allows any engineer to acquire specific on and off-chain data across wallets, transactions, NFTs, and smart contracts by reading blockchain into real-time data streams. With a lightning-fast API that offers immediate data support in less than 200 milliseconds, the company is enabling developers to focus on building at scale.

The Case for nxyz

Blockchains have emerged as the decentralized and transparent data storage paradigm. While blockchains are the ideal solution for decentralized data storage, they have their own set of problems. As vital as the decentralized infrastructure of distributed ledger technology is, the verification procedures used to assure data integrity can slow down querying and general blockchain performance.

Indexing providers dApp developers offer fast access to data. It is vital to offer easy data navigation inside the crypto networks in order to take advantage of the transparency and decentralization of data storage that blockchain enables. However, the market’s current solutions struggle with infrastructure issues like reliability, a significant lag behind chains, and lengthy processing times. With its massively parallel infrastructure, nxyz provides a solution that provides dependable, low latency, and high real-time connectivity to the blockchain that dApps require.

How to use nxyz

The current nxyz API suite consists of a wallet, token, and collection endpoints that considerably simplify data retrieval.

Steps to interface with nxyz

  1. Pick the desired endpoint from the currently supported list here. This contains predefined APIs that cover common entities (NFTs, ERC 20’s, & balances) and also support complex needs such as the ability to specify a custom indexing pattern for any set of contracts.
  2. Input the endpoint-specific values parameters such as wallet address, chainID (Identified for blockchain eg. “polygon”), etc.
  3. Make the request like any other API call and obtain the desired data.

Since its launch earlier this year, nxyz has processed over 5 billion transactions to provide real-time blockchain data. Nxyz offers a multi-chain index of Ethereum, Optimism, BSC, Avalanche-C, and Arbitrum. This solution can greatly speed up popular blockchain applications and let developers concentrate on their core products.


Nxyz was incubated in Neeva, a private ad-free search engine, and browser, before being spun off into its own product. For the past year, co-founders Sridhar Ramaswamy, Todd Wang, and Nathan Wiegand, among many others, have employed their expertise in creating some of the biggest distributed systems on the internet to develop a solution to scale blockchain innovation. Before leaving his position to start Neeva, Sridhar was the SVP of Ads and Commerce during his time at Google. Todd and Nathan are also distinguished engineers who previously worked at Google and Neeva before joining nxyz as CTO and VP of engineering, respectively.

Final Thoughts

Blockchains and new L1s are rapidly taking over as a venue for decentralized practices. Although this has been a fantastic innovation, it has also presented its own difficulties because there is no one optimum way to interface with this data storage. To enable scalable innovation, nxyz provides a lightning-fast API for interacting with on and off-chain data. With low latency and support for several chains, the platform offers seamless web3 data indexing. With a solid early customer base that includes companies like BitGo, Citrus, Fractal, Crossmint, and others, nxyz is poised to streamline web development by providing easy access to both on-chain and off-chain data.

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