Xu Mingxing: OKG as a Technology-Driven Company Will Persevere in Improving Products and UX

According to Foresight News, OKG held the “Better Future Game On” online annual meeting which was attended by thousands of employees from China, the U.S., Europe, South America and other countries and regions around the world. Xu Mingxing, the founder of OKG, stated at the meeting that despite numerous industry accidents in 2022, OKG, as a technology-driven company, is financially healthy and that he personally regards the prospects of Web3 favorably.

In addition, Xu Mingxing remarked that 2023 witnesses the 10th anniversary of OKG, with users, technology, and products still as the core of development. Xu said: “We will focus on product and user experience in the business development direction… For the next 5 years, OKG will build world-class technology products as our goal.”


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